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Is PeopleString the latest social network fad or is it here to last?

If you are a member of a lot of Safelists as I am, you’ve probably been hearing and seeing a whole lot of news about People String lately. A kind of new social network medium that allows you free ways to earn as well as connect with other people online. In my opinion People String […]

Search Big Daddy search engine is giving $50.00 in free advertising for signing up

**Update – Unfortunately Search Big Daddy turned out to be a scam. It sucks when this happens, but that’s why I always mention not to put money into any of these sites.** I was checking out my Google Analytics account today and noticed I got some free hits from Search Big Daddy. I thought to […]

If you own a blog you should be using is an awesome tool to have if you own a blog. Imagine every post you write getting pinged or shouted out to about 30 social networks. is simply a huge time saver and has been generating free traffic to this blog ever since I started using’s awesomely free services. That’s right, […]

Feed Burner Features I take advantage of

Feed Burner is pretty well known among the Internet blogging world. Feed Burner is owned by Google, so you know they offer a good product to bloggers. Feed Burner has a wide array of features to take advantage of. When I first sign up for the free service, I thought the only advantages of using […]

Tweet Penguin is a cool Twitter tool

I ran into a neat site called Tweet Penguin today. Apparently Tweet Penguin is supposed to be a free way to help you find more followers that have similar interests as you. You can think of Tweet Penguin as another way of doing a chain letter or chain e-mail. That’s is what Tweet Penguin reminds […]

MyLot Community and Earning Potential.

Take some time to check out myLot User Profile. It isn’t much right now. But it looks like a great place to meet other entrepreneurs online. It is free to join. They have over 150,000 members already. It’s one of the few Social Networks where you can earn money for being active in the online […]