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Chitika proof of payment and it’s free to join

I recently got my first payment proof from a great ad network called Chitika. I originally heard about Chitika from a blog advertisement. It basically said something about earning off putting targeted ads on your website. All you have to do is put some javascript on your website and the ads will only show when […]

If you own a blog you should be using is an awesome tool to have if you own a blog. Imagine every post you write getting pinged or shouted out to about 30 social networks. is simply a huge time saver and has been generating free traffic to this blog ever since I started using’s awesomely free services. That’s right, […]

MyLot Community and Earning Potential.

Take some time to check out myLot User Profile. It isn’t much right now. But it looks like a great place to meet other entrepreneurs online. It is free to join. They have over 150,000 members already. It’s one of the few Social Networks where you can earn money for being active in the online […]

First blog entry!!!!!

This is my first blog entry! I decided to start this blog to help get the word across on different websites out there where you can make extra money from home. Most of the sites I am going to go over in this blog are already listed at Other sites I will be discussing […]