If you own a blog you should be using Ping.fm

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Ping.fm is an awesome tool to have if you own a blog. Imagine every post you write getting pinged or shouted out to about 30 social networks. Ping.fm is simply a huge time saver and has been generating free traffic to this blog ever since I started using Ping.fm’s awesomely free services. That’s right, Ping.fm is 100% free to join and easy to set up with Word Press.

You can install the plug in directly into your Word Press blog in your back office. Or you can download the plug in manually, the hard way, from the Word Press plug in directory as well. Once you are signed up, you just join all the social networks you aren’t already a part of in Ping.fm’s directory of social networks. To enable pinging with your blog, you just need to follow Ping.fm’s instructions on setting up each social network. Usually you’ll just have to submit a user name and password and you’ll be all set up.

Some of the social networks Ping.fm currently uses are My Space, Face Book, Twitter, and many more. I believe Ping.fm has at least 30 different social networks. Don’t quote me on that because I think Ping.fm really has more social networks than that.

Another cool feature about Ping.fm is that you can do shout outs from you phone no matter where you are. Doing these random shout outs is a great way to get members of your networks go to your profile and hopefully end up at your website.

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