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Feed Burner is pretty well known among the Internet blogging world. Feed Burner is owned by Google, so you know they offer a good product to bloggers. Feed Burner has a wide array of features to take advantage of.

When I first sign up for the free service, I thought the only advantages of using Feed Burner was to be able to put Google AdSense in my feed and provide a large number of readers for my audience to choose from. Well folks, fortunately there is a whole lot more to Feed Burner than just that. I wanted to discuss which features I think most benefit me.

Adding Google AdSense: Feed Burner allows you to add Google AdSense to your feed. This helps in monetizing your blog and of course, increases your income. As an example of this, take a look at my Feed Burner Feed.

Keeps track of subscribers and stats: Feed Burner keeps track of all your subscribers and what kind of traffic you are receiving from them. You can actually see what posts your readers are viewing the most and much more.

Allow your subscribers to join your reader via e-mail: Feed Burner has an e-mail subscription option and keeps stats on them as well. Feed Burner gives you an html form you can copy into your blog, or just a static link. Very easy to set up and allows subscribers who don’t use readers to get notified of new posts on your blog. Take a look at my subscribe via e-mail page.

Take advantage of Feed Flare: Feed Flare allows you to add options for subscribers to help you spread the word about your posts in Digg, Face Book, and more. There are also a lot of need things you can add to your blog like related posts, etc…

You can Geo tag your feed: Geo tagging your feed allows you to tell your subscribers where you are posting from. Just enter your Zip Code and Feed Burner will automatically find your Geographic location on the map.

Headline animator: With Feed Burner’s headline animator you can make a nice rotating banner of recent posts in your feed. You can then place the code in your favorite Social Networks like My Space etc…

Ping Shot: Activating Ping Shot will help publicize all your posts. As soon as you publish a new post, Feed Burner will ping out to Ping Shot and let them know you’ve just updated your blog.

Indexing your feed: Feed Burner gives you the option to allow Search Engines to index your feed or not. Of course you’ll definitely want the Search Engines to index your feed. That’s a no brainer.

These are just some of the features that Feed Burner providers to its bloggers. I have been very happy with the service and hope you take advantage of Feed Burner as well. You won’t regret it.


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