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I ran into a neat site called Tweet Penguin today. Apparently Tweet Penguin is supposed to be a free way to help you find more followers that have similar interests as you.

You can think of Tweet Penguin as another way of doing a chain letter or chain e-mail. That’s is what Tweet Penguin reminds me of anyway. I referred you, someone else referred me, and someone else referred the person that referred me, and so on.

Tweet Penguin is totally free to join so there is no risk involved. In order to sign up, Tweet Penguin just needs your Twitter log in information along with a few of your interests. Don’t worry about providing your Twitter log in in information. This is a standard way of business for the Twitter era. No one is going to hack into your Twitter account and make you tweet crazy messages or anything like that. It’s perfectly safe.

Once you are all signed up Tweet Penguin will automatically send a tweet out to all your current followers. This will notify them that Tweet Penguin exists. Doing this will also expand your current Social Network to new boundaries.

The last thing Tweet Penguin does is give you a personalized link to spread the word about Tweet Penguin. It’s that simple. Tweet Penguin is one of those things you sign up for and then totally forget you ever signed up. The good thing about Tweet Penguin is that even though you don’t remember you signed up, your chain of Twitter followers will be ever growing behind the scenes.


  1. i’m on my way to use twitter

  2. srdha says:

    I just want to say some thing “great job”!

    Update your Twitter randomly according to your intrest Or, from Rss Feed Or, from your own tweet message list Or, Any combination of the above three

  3. This is a great place for people to learn. Like myself, many people really need a little bump in direction to get themselves headed the right way.