Is PeopleString the latest social network fad or is it here to last?

People String logo.If you are a member of a lot of Safelists as I am, you’ve probably been hearing and seeing a whole lot of news about People String lately. A kind of new social network medium that allows you free ways to earn as well as connect with other people online. In my opinion People String isn’t much to brag about, but since it’s free to join, it’s worth signing up and giving it a try. This is just my opinion though.

At the current moment People String does have one upgrade option for your membership. It’s $200.00 and looks like a big rip off to me. You get an e-mail account that you can get for free elsewhere and you can earn off of other paid referrals. Totally looks stupid and I would never upgrade my account and ask you to do the same as me. That $200.00 would be a complete waste of money as there are more profitable ventures out there to take advantage of.

I signed up about a week ago and got a 3 cent sign up bonus.  I don’t know why I got the sign up bonus, but none the less I did. I’ve heard some people claim that they’ve gotten sign up bonuses of up to $1.50. That didn’t happen for me, but could happen to you. People String doesn’t promote a sign up bonus on their marketing pages, so I don’t know why I got the bonus to begin with. But I’ll take what I can get, you know what I’m saying?

As far as I can see People String works kind of like FaceBook as you can grow your network and chat with friends of yours. You can set up a lengthy profile, which I probably won’t because I would rather build my FaceBook network than People Strings because FaceBook isn’t based off earning money and has already established a good name for themselves.

People String is supposed to give you paid e-mails and like I said, I’ve been a member now for over a week and have yet to receive any paid e-mails in my inbox. So, at the current moment I’ve earned 3 cents and that’s it.

So to get to the answer to the title of this blog post.

Is PeopleString the latest social network fad, or is it here to stay?

The answer is simple to me. It’s a fad, you’re hearing all about it now because it’s new, but later on, a few months later you won’t be hearing about it all too much because there are a whole lot of people out there that are too smart to upgrade their account for an outrageous $200.00. That’s the bottom line, it’s over priced and you can get more by promoting your FaceBook profile than you could promoting People String earning pennies for all your hard work.

**Disclaimer – An affiliate link is used in this post.


  1. denjovi6 says:

    hi. i am a member of peoplestring too… but a free member only. i dont have money t upgrade. but you can watch the video on how to get more cash on ur account.. have you take your survey on your cash mailbox? it is worth $1.50. then they say after that you will recieve a postcard and nter the code on cash mailbox. and also invite me mycoldlife is my username.

  2. ladydi3908 says:

    Hello, I am a member of Peoplestring as well and I have to disagree with you that it is a fad. I have not earned a lot of money, but I am not upgraded either. I agree with you on that point. I will not upgrade either, but it is a great site and there are a lot more ways to earn money for free, so before you rule out that it is a fad, I would get in there and look around and really see what it is about. It is similar to Facebook in that it is a social site as well, but it has many other advantages. If you do take the survey it suggests, you will earn another $1.50 and by referring people you earn .50 per referral, so is it really a fad? who knows, but it is a pretty great site and I think is around to stay for quite a while. 🙂

  3. the boxer says:

    im a free member. its been great. easiest money i ever made. the upgrade is just an option. it pays free members too. take a look at it for more then five minutes and see what it is all about.

  4. I have to say, I am a free member and I have made $957.66 so far with PeopleString … I doubt very much that it is a fad as it has actually filed to be a publicly traded company – something MySpace or Facebook have never done. Who cares if you make money anyways – that is not the reason I joined. I joined because all of my friends were going to the site anyway just as they did to Facebook from MySpace, which I can see happening to the masses of people all over again – people go where people are and it sounds like they are going to PeopleString … enjoy! And, if you haven’t joined yet you can join ME for FREE and make some FREE money socializing too!

  5. Vinc Reed says:

    Cool Blog! Great information, you are providing great value that a lot of people need to read about. I am looking forward to your next post!I am also A PeopleString member and one of the top producers in Peoplestring. I have to say that I am an affiliate marketer and don’t often join opportunities. So for me to join PeopleString is a very big deal for me. The company is debt free and it’s free to become a member so what do you have to lose! Have fun with it and enjoy the ride!

    If you want to learn more about peoplestring and learn some of the ways I grow my string visit

  6. jui says:

    i signed up after watching this video, it explains there revenue plan and why getting in at the top you can position yourself to earm thousand a month

  7. james says:

    I disagree with you…peoplestring is a gr8 site and it has great potential….you said facebook has established a good name for themselve….but do u forget that its quite oldaer than peoplestring…and for your information upgraded members have tremendous opportunities to earn money as comppared to free members…so $200 is not a waste of money i think…

  8. alanna says:

    Good insight. But I’m gunna have to disagree to the ‘fad’ statement. To me its a no brainer, if I’m going to be using the internet as I do daily, why not get paid for what I’m already doing; google search, checking email, shopping, facebook, etc. I have it set as my home page, and it has links to all my email accounts, other social sites, etc. Yes it maybe pennies or small dollar amounts but that’s better then nothing whereas, google and facebook are pocketing every penny that comes their way.

  9. mr magoo says:

    People String is not a fad my proof of payments is here from peoplestring, get the latest news and reviews.

  10. David says:

    My friend better think 7times before make a statement.
    who cares whether u have receive money or not?? i am a member
    and i have earn up to $356 so, get urself on truck or shut up
    dor good. just for laugh!!!!
    People string is not a fad, be realistic they are doing what face
    book havent think abt. let us congrat them. that’s all.