Search Big Daddy search engine is giving $50.00 in free advertising for signing up

**Update – Unfortunately Search Big Daddy turned out to be a scam. It sucks when this happens, but that’s why I always mention not to put money into any of these sites.**

Search Big Daddy - $50.00 in free advertising.I was checking out my Google Analytics account today and noticed I got some free hits from Search Big Daddy. I thought to myself, what is this site? So I decided to check out Search Big Daddy. To my utter amazement I discovered that Search Big Daddy is currently giving away $50.00 in free advertising dollars just for signing up with their search engine. It didn’t take me long to go ahead and sign up.

Search Big Daddy has a good thing going. You are able to choose a distinct keyword for the site you are submitting for free that will give you a top position in Search Big Daddy’s search engine. Of course the downfall is that this is a first come first serve opportunity. I was lucky enough to get a decent keyword free money for signing up, but I wanted free money to be the keyword of my choice. You can’t get everything you want in life though, now can you?

Search Big Daddy is a not only a place where you can sign up for free and submit your website and ad to their search engine. You can also participate in their free affiliate program and refer other webmasters so they can take advantage of $50.00 in free advertising and the ability to choose a special keyword for their website.

Refer other free affiliates to Big Daddy Pays and earn a 10% commission off of all their listing advertisements in the search engine. One odd thing I noticed about Big Daddy Pays is that they are not only a search engine. It looks like Big Daddy Pays offers video services, social network services, blogging services, an affiliate program, and so much more that I’m getting tired of writing and you’ll have to take a look at Search Big Daddy for yourself to get a hands on experience of what I’m talking about.

Take a look at some more free advertising sign up bonuses and take advantage of some more free hits to your website right away.


  1. Ed Gardner says:

    I think SearchBigDaddy is defunct. I am calling Angela Monday 3 August 2009.

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