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List of States & Provinces where you need a license to sell Legal Shield plans

I wanted to write this article awhile ago, but got busy with other things. It’s sometimes is discouraging to know that you can’t simply sell Legal Shield (formerly known as Pre-Paid Legal) plans in any state or province that you want. This isn’t entirely Legal Shield’s fault, but it’s the individual states that decided to […]

Blastoff is fun, free and EASY. Receive chances to make money with your hobbies!

My name is Craig and I’m a blastoff member looking to help others utilize what we have to offer through our site as far as helping people make money through an easier system. Music… Movies… Games… There are companies around us, such as Pre-Paid Legal’s Blastoff Network, that do more than provide the ultimate experience […]

It’s a Balancing Act as More Homeowners Face Foreclosure

The first months of 2010 proved to be tough times for homeowners facing foreclosure as a record number of houses were reclaimed by banks to payoff distressed real estate loans…

Join the Blastoff network for free and get cash back shopping for you and everyone you refer

If you haven’t heard of the Blastoff Network yet, you’re in for a real treat, or I should say a free treat. Just kidding. The reason I like Blastoff the most is because you not only get cash back on the shopping you do online, but you also get cash back off of all the […]

Another commission payment proof from Pre-Paid Legal

I was surprised to check my mail today and see a check from Pre-Paid Legal.  The reason I was surprised is because I haven’t done a thing with my Pre-Paid Legal business since then end of 2008. I was working the business semi hard and referred a few new associates and a few more memberships […]

Did you know there are actually 5 areas of Identity Theft?

That’s right, you heard me. Most people, when they think of identity theft, think that someone has stole their credit card information and bought a bunch of stuff with it. They are surprised to here that there are actually 5 ways someone could commit identity theft against them. Five common areas of  Identity Theft: Driver’s […]

Difference between the $49.00 and the $249.00 Pre-Paid Legal compensation plan

Pre-Paid Legal recently came out with a new compensation plan in 2009. I just wanted to quickly go over the differences between the old $49.00 start up fee verses the new $249.00 start up fee. We’ll start off with the old start up plan. The $49.00 Pre-Paid Legal plan: If you decide to start your […]

Get paid to sign up – not – pay to sign up

Why don’t you take a break from having to pay Companies to sign up with them? Instead have the online Companies pay you to sign up! You heard me, why should you have to pay a Company to advertise there products and or services? It doesn’t make any sense at all. Here’s an example. Pre-Paid […]