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Sign Up and Make Money LogoWhy don’t you take a break from having to pay Companies to sign up with them? Instead have the online Companies pay you to sign up! You heard me, why should you have to pay a Company to advertise there products and or services? It doesn’t make any sense at all.

Here’s an example. Pre-Paid Legal is a Company I paid to sign up with, they didn’t pay me when I signed up, nor was it free to sign up with them. At the least, it should have been free to sign up with Pre-Paid Legal. On the contrary, I paid them $49.00 to become an Independent Associate. Pre-Paid Legal made a profit off me when I signed up with them. Not only that, I’m required to pay a monthly membership fee of at least $16.00 a month in order to stay active as an Independent Associate. If I don’t pay the membership fee, I could lose my active associate status if I don’t sign up at least 3 people every quarter.

On top of this, Pre-Paid Legal actually charges their Associates (me included) $19.95 a month to own an affiliate Pre-Paid Legal website with them. This way Associates can sign up other members online verses paper application. This is a ridiculous amount of money to charge Associates considering almost all affiliate websites give their affiliate marketers a free duplicated website. All Pre-Paid Legal programmers have to do is make another sub directory in their database and this takes up less than 5 megabytes of space on their server I’m sure. This is why the free affiliate Companies don’t charge their marketers to sign up with them. They know the cost of having that one affiliate is minimal, knowing that one marketer could potentially sign up hundreds of subscribers in their lifetime.

Why am I saying this? Don’t get me wrong, Pre-Paid Legal is a great Company with a great compensation plan. The only problem is I don’t believe they should charge people to promote there products and services. If you take a look at the paid to sign up sites I’ve accumulated over the years, you would also agree that there are less expensive ways to make money online. Actually, about 99% of them are 100% free to join Companies. This way you are promoting a Company, which every Company out there needs more advertising, and the Company only make money off your results. My main point is you’re not scammed.

Pre-Paid Legal does offer an awesome product that every family needs. That is why I don’t mind paying the montly membership fee of $16.00 a month. I’m essentially paying for a service I believe I need. Whether I do the business or not, I have that sense of security I’m covered legally if an unwanted emergency comes about. The membership also keeps me out of unwanted legal problems as well.

Anyway, the whole point of this is that if you have recently been signing up with a whole lot of Companies that want you to pay them before you have the opportunity to make any money with them, just take a break. Visit my free sign up bonus site and sign up for free!

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