Difference between the $49.00 and the $249.00 Pre-Paid Legal compensation plan

Pre-Paid Legal business opportunityPre-Paid Legal recently came out with a new compensation plan in 2009. I just wanted to quickly go over the differences between the old $49.00 start up fee verses the new $249.00 start up fee. We’ll start off with the old start up plan.

The $49.00 Pre-Paid Legal plan:

If you decide to start your home based business with Pre-Paid legal at the $49.00 level you would get the standard welcome kit with applications, brochures, and the success CD. You would also get one month free of owning an affiliate Pre-Paid Legal website and be able to use a Pre-Paid Legal commercial phone number via Televox.

When you sign up your first recruit with a membership you’ll immediately get promoted from a Junior Associate to an Associate and earn $69.14 on your first sale. To get promoted to the next level in your Pre-Paid Legal business you would only need 3 Junior Associates to get promoted to a Senior Associate.

To give you an example of how much money you would make on your next 10 sign ups, considering you already signed up one Associate with a membership, would look like this: 10 x $69.00 = $690. Not too shabby.

The $249.00 Pre-Paid Legal plan:

If you believe in Pre-Paid Legal’s products and services enough to know that starting a home based business with them is the only way to go; I would definitely take advantage of the $249.00 compensation plan then. It’s also a good idea to take advantage of this business opportunity if you know a lot of people you can introduce Pre-Paid Legal to.

With the $249.00 plan you will get a business builder’s kit, versus only a welcome kit. This includes a Getting Started Right book, an Audio Training Program (3 CDs), applications, brochures, a success CD, 3 recruiting DVDs, recruiting CD, 3 months of a free affiliate website, and 3 months using a commercial Pre-Paid Legal phone number via Televox. That’s a lot of things you’ll get. Pre-Paid Legal does this because if you’re willing to invest at the $249.00 level, this probably means you will take the business a whole lot more serious than the member who signs up at the $49.00 level.

Now let’s take a look at how much you will earn off your first sale. When you sign up your first Associate with a membership you will be immediately promoted to a Senior Associate versus only an Associate at the $49.00 level. Because of this promotion you will earn $138.27 on your first sign up. That’s $69.13 more than someone who signs up at the $49.00 level. To get promoted to a Manager, you’ll only need 3 Junior Associates and 1 Senior Associate under you. Then you will be making $172.84 a sign up.

Let’s take a look at your next 10 sign ups once you’ve signed up your first Associate with a membership. That would be 10 x $138.00 = $1,380.00 versus only $690 with the $49.00 plan. That is $690 more you’ll earn at the $249.00 level.

There’s one more thing I should let you know. If you sign up one Associate with a membership and then sign up one more additional membership. Your $249.00 fee to get into your Pre-Paid Legal business has now been paid back. $138.00 x 2 = $276.00. This means you’ll be in profit after your first two sign ups. It can’t get much easier than this folks.

If you like what Pre-Paid Legal has to offer, feel free to take a look at my other recommended business opportunities to join and let me know what you think.


  1. willie says:

    Hello Greg,

    I came across your SUMM site from comments you made on NPN. Man you got some great tips here,, I like what you are doing trying to inform people about the many ways to make money online, affordably, that is my heart to, to help newbies.

    There are just so many affordable and easy ways for people to make money online, all’s they have to do is be willing to investigate and put in a little effort to market the opportunities they are in.

    I am in Pre-Paid legal, I got in back in 2005. I promoted it about 1 1/2 years, sold a few plans, signed up a couple people, but it jsut was to time consuming, I still have the product.

    I’ll have to take another look at it after reading this post.

    Are you in PPL?



  2. Yes Wille,

    I am in Pre-Paid Legal. I’ve been since 2005. Great Company and great product.

  3. Dan says:

    I passed on the opportunity many years ago because of how you really didn’t move up in commission unless you recruited, and I really don’t want to recruit.

    With the $49 compensation plan, how many do I have to sell (again, not recruit) to get to the Associate level?


  4. To get your first commission and be completed with the Fast Start process you will only need to 5 membership counters (legal plan is 1 counter, identity theft is 1 counter, and an associate is 1 counter). If you sign up one associate who gets the membership and identity theft that is 3 counters.

    There are different variations on how you can do it, but once you have your first 5 counters you are good to go. Plus there are a lot of added bonuses on top of this if you sign up these memberships within your first 30 days of enrollment.

    Hope this info helps.

  5. Rob says:

    Great information. I’m currently looking at getting involved with PPL. Thanks for the tips.