Did you know there are actually 5 areas of Identity Theft?

Identity Theft Protection - Five areas of identity theft.That’s right, you heard me. Most people, when they think of identity theft, think that someone has stole their credit card information and bought a bunch of stuff with it. They are surprised to here that there are actually 5 ways someone could commit identity theft against them.

Five common areas of  Identity Theft:

  1. Driver’s License Identity Theft: This is when someone uses your information after stealing it to get a driver’s licence in your name or claim to be you if they get pulled over by the police.
  2. Social Security Identity Theft: This is when identity thieves use your social security number to gain employment or to report income under your name.
  3. Medical Identity Theft: This is when identity thieves use your information for insurance benefits like Medicare and to get medical tests done in your name. A big one is thieves getting HIV tests with their victim’s information.
  4. Criminal Identity Theft: This is when identity thieves use your information while committing various crimes. An example of this would be stealing a car and leaving your information for the cops to get.
  5. Financial Identity Theft: This is the most popular form of identity theft. This is where identity thieves use your information to open new accounts or gain access to your existing accounts to steal money.

There are your 5 areas of identity theft. You may be asking yourself, “Man, this really sucks, it’s a good thing I have identity theft protection with my bank.” Unfortunately, a majority of all identity theft protection companies only cover the fifth area of identity theft, financial identity theft. That means if someone steals your information and commits a crime in your name you won’t be covered. If someone gets and HIV test in your name, you won’t be covered.

So what is the solution? The best coverage for identity theft I’ve ever seen out there is through Pre-Paid Legal. Why is Pre-Paid Legal the best? Because Pre-Paid Legal has teamed up with a publicly traded company named Kroll Inc. Kroll specializes in identity theft protection and uses private investigators to personally restore your credit and private information if it ever gets stolen by an identity thief.

Reasons why you would want to take advantage of Pre-Paid Legal’s Identity Theft Protection:

  • It’s very inexpensive. The Pre-Paid Legal membership is as low as $16.00 a month. Add the identity theft protection from Kroll and it’s only another $9.95. That’s only $25.95 a month.
  • The $25.95 a month doesn’t just cover you, it covers your entire family.
  • Once you sign up, everyone in the family can get a free credit report to make sure there are no ear marks on it.
  • Pre-Paid Legal’s identity theft protection covers all 5 areas of identity theft. This is true because most incidents when identity theft occurs you’ll most definitely need an attorney. This is why Pre-Paid Legal and Kroll, put together, makes the best legal and identity theft protection out there today.
  • There are no long term contracts to sign. The membership is month to month and you can cancel at anytime.
  • You are protected against identity theft the day you sign up. If your identity is ever stolen while you have the membership, a private investigator will fix your credit for you. You won’t get a credit repair kit in the mail with a phone number to call.
  • Your family’s social security numbers are guarded non-stop and you are given an e-mail alert if there is any change in your credit. This is also true for credit inquiries as well.
  • With the Pre-Paid Legal membership you’ll have access to attorneys in every area of law that you can speak to about any legal matter, have contracts reviewed before you sign them, get your Will done, and much more.

Take advantage of the best identity theft protection out there and have peace of mind today.


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