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TikTikCash pays you a sign up bonus for joining

NOTE: The TikTikCash website is down or has moved to a new location. Guess we know now that this website wasn’t very legit after all. Be careful out there!!! TikTikCash will pay you a $5.00 sign up bonus just for joining. TikTikCash is a free to join Company and looks like it has some potential […]

Snap Dollars is free to join and pays you to sign up

Snap Dollars (USA only sign up link) will actually pay you $5.00 into your earnings account after you confirm your e-mail address with them. I have been a member of Snap Dollars (International sign up link) for over a year now. I have never done a paid to sign up offer with them. I do […]

Latest updates made to

I made a lot of changes to today. I started off by changing the line height to 50% more. It is about the equivalent of half of a double space. I believe that more space between the lines makes the text a whole lot easier to read. I also changed the secondary headings to […]

Cash4Offers pays you a $3.00 sign up bonus for joining

Cash4Offers is considered a “Get Paid To” site, otherwise known as a GPT site. You basically get paid to sign up on different offers they promote on their site. Becoming a member of Cash4Offers is absolutely free and they will actually pay you $3.00 when you sign up online.  They deposit the $3.00 sign up […]

Make money with Sendearnings

One of my favorite free money making sites out there is Sendearnings. They have actually paid me about 5 times since I became a member back in 2005 (Sendearnings payment proof). Actually Sendearnings was one of the first sites I joined when I started my online money making ventures a few years back. The first […]