Latest updates made to

I made a lot of changes to today. I started off by changing the line height to 50% more. It is about the equivalent of half of a double space. I believe that more space between the lines makes the text a whole lot easier to read.

I also changed the secondary headings to make them a little bit smaller than the main headlines. The most noticeable thing I have changed on the site is I shortened the list of sign up sites a whole lot. I’ve gotten lots of opinions from various people and they all agreed that the list on the home page and the advertising page were way too long. I agreed with them and have been meaning to change this for some time now. So I did it today. The home page is much more presentable now that I’ve created about 7 new pages to shorten the list of paid to sign up sites. I have categorized the new pages with these titles:

Social Network sites, Investment sites, get paid to sites, gaming sites, cash back shopping sites, survey sign up bonus sites, etc…

I also shortened the Online Advertising page as well. I had way too many links on it. Search Engines want less than 100 links per page. I may still have more than 100 links on my marketing page, but at least I know it is much closer to 100 links than it was before. Take a look at my Online Advertising page to see how many links I have on it. The new pages I made to shorten the Online Advertising page were:

Safe List bonuses, Traffic Exchange Bonuses, and Traffic Sites bonuses.

This will make it much easier to view each site in it’s own category and shorten the amount of links I use on the actual advertising page itself.

Besides that, I also shrunk every page of my site. I originally had every page at 95% table width and decided to go down to 85%. I believe my page doesn’t need to take up that much of a user’s browser window. I don’t have enough stuff on my site to take that much room up.

Every change I make to my .com site I also make to my .ws site. View my down line training section to see what I’m talking about. I like to keep the sites looking the same. You know, same format, same look, etc…

It was a long day today. I made a lot of good, positive changes to my site. The next thing to accomplish is to add videos to my site. I’m going to start by adding an introductory video on my opt-in page, then I’ll add a video to each of my main site’s home pages to give a brief overview of what can be accomplished with the site.