Snap Dollars is free to join and pays you to sign up

Snap Dollars - Get paid to sign up on various offers online.Snap Dollars (USA only sign up link) will actually pay you $5.00 into your earnings account after you confirm your e-mail address with them. I have been a member of Snap Dollars (International sign up link) for over a year now. I have never done a paid to sign up offer with them. I do see that they have some competitive offers that they will pay you to sign up with, but I’ve just been too busy to take advantage of any of these.

I have a system set up whenever I do a paid to sign up offer with a site. For example, if I did a trial offer that lasts 14 days, I would use Microsoft Outlook’s Calender as a tool to keep everything well organized. You don’t have to use Outlook, you can use whatever organization software that came with your computer. The important thing is that you have some system set up where you’ll know whether or not you want to cancel with the trial membership or not. The things you’ll want to take note of is what day you signed up, how long the trial period lasts, a phone number or website you can contact in order to cancel your account, how much the offer pays to sign up, and how much you’ll make when everything is said and done.

In order to get paid by Snap Dollars, you have to have a minimum of $40.00 in your earnings account. I only have $24.10 (that includes my $5.00 sign up bonus) at the moment and have referred 102 members. With Snap Dollars you get paid to read the e-mails they send you. So far I’ve read 426 e-mails and made $10.45. That equals an average of 2.5 cents an e-mail read. That isn’t really that bad of a deal considering it takes me less than 10 seconds to actually glance through an e-mail. My 102 referrals have read 2,269 e-mails and that has earned me $8.05. That’s less than a cent per e-mail read, but this is other people’s work, not my own.

If I was actually an active member with Snap Dollars and did a few of their paid to sign up offers I would’ve probably already received my first check from them by now. All I do is read Snap Dollar’s paid e-mails and earn from my referrals. Snap Dollars offers a number of ways to earn with them. You can get paid to sign up on free offers, paid offers, or trial offers. You can also get paid to shop online and receive cash back, get paid to play games online, and get paid to sign up with Survey Companies.

Once again, I haven’t taken advantage of the above earning opportunities, but plan to in the future. If you would like to find more paid to sign up sites like Snap Dollars, then take a look at my other paid to sign up sites and let me know what you think of them.

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  1. i have join this too

  2. Dilip Chitre says:

    Excellent and helpful portal.

    Thank you

    Dilip Chitre

  3. Dilip Chitre says:

    Excellent portal. One can make about $ 200 to three hundred every day by clicking on offers and ads.

    Thank you.

    Dilip Chitre

    Pune, India

    June 8, 2009

  4. Dilip Chitre says:

    Thank you.

    The information was useful.

    I am 70 and recovering from a life-threatening illness.

    I spend 10 hours at my computer.

    Why don’t I earn some easy cash by simply clicking?

  5. Dilip Chitre says:

    What a wonderful site.

    Every morning I log on and make $ 100 and more.

    That’s a cool $ 800 a day for clicks that pay.

    Convalescing from a liver tumour I have little else to do than to earn money on the quiet. At this rate I will be the owner of a lakeside villa in Feldafing, Upper Bavaria, Germany and collect art as well as paint the magically elusive lake capturing its evanescent moods.

    Thank you for the site that makes millions like me walk into the sunset with a happy smile

  6. Dilip, I thought you were making money by clicking?

  7. Dilip Chitre says:

    Snapdollars is a wonderful discovery for me.

    While checking my mail, searching google, or responding to my friends on Twitter, Myspace, or Facebook, I keep a window open for Snapdollars.

    However, where has all the money I imagined I earned gone? I hope I’ll receive a reply to this nagging question as soon as Snapdollars takes a note of this!

    Dilip Chitre

  8. The way sign up bonus sites work is that they give you so much money for joining that will be located in your back office account with the sign up bonus site.

    Once you earn a certain amount of money, most sign up bonus sites require about $20.00 to $50.00 of member earnings from the site on your own, then you’ll be able to cash out and receive the initial sign up bonus, you know, the one you got when you joined the website.

    You see, if the sign up bonus sites just gave everyone sign up bonuses without the members being active in their membership websites, all the sign up bonus sites would end up going bankrupt because none of the members would end up being active in their websites.

    That is why sign up bonus sites exist. An incentive to join the website, but you still have to earn it.

  9. walter says:

    wait all of you!!! thank you for hearing from you im a member here in the UK for the past 2 months & i ahve never done any offer, the offers are not opening they just give me a blank pages only,i can only open the links that i get all the time from my email to snap dollar web page but once i try the link of the offers to their page they goes blank & i have contacted them but i keep on getting good offers but cannot complete them they even did not respond to my matter but instead keep on sending me OFFERS

    anybody can help me or its simple you im not in the USA????

  10. You need to contact Snap Dollars directly, have you done this already?


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