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Send Earnings - Get paid to read e-mail and sign up on offers.One of my favorite free money making sites out there is Sendearnings. They have actually paid me about 5 times since I became a member back in 2005 (Sendearnings payment proof). Actually Sendearnings was one of the first sites I joined when I started my online money making ventures a few years back.

The first thing I like about Sendearnings is that they pay you a $5.00 sign up bonus for joining. That isĀ $5.00 for less than a couple minutes of your time that it will take to sign up with them. Just remain active in the site until you reach at least a $40.00 cash balance; then you can cash out.

It’s really easy to make your first $40.00 with Sendearnings if you are new to “Get Paid To” sites. I only say this because they have a lot of different offers that you can get paid to sign up on.

For example.

Let’s say they have a 30 day free trial offer with a Video Rental Company. You sign up for free, put your credit card info in for the 30 day trial offer. Great, Sendearnings will almost immediately pay you a $10.00 cash incentive for doing this on the Video Company gives them their affiliate fee. All you have to do is keep the membership for a couple weeks. In the process you’ll get to view a few free movies, then cancel your membership with the Video Company. Sendearnings received a $20.oo affiliate commission from the video company and split that commission with you, earning your $10.oo.

The only one who loses is the Video Company. Because you don’t stay a member, unless you really appreciate and enjoy their services. By all means you’ll want to keep the membership if that is the case.

This is only one way to earn extra income from home with Sendearnings. You will also earn anywhere from 1 cent to 10 cents per e-mail you read. The amount of money you earn per e-mail read is decided by the importance of the advertiser’s ad. It is always nice to get paid to read e-mails. You will also be able to get paid to play games online, paid to shop, and paid to take surveys.

You are now seeing that there are many ways to earn money online with Sendearnings. Take advantage of getting a free account today!


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  2. JoniBROWN says:

    Thanks for the information on Sendearnings.

  3. Oliver Jones says:

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