TikTikCash pays you a sign up bonus for joining

NOTE: The TikTikCash website is down or has moved to a new location. Guess we know now that this website wasn’t very legit after all. Be careful out there!!!

Tik Tik Cash - Get paid to sign up on offers online.TikTikCash will pay you a $5.00 sign up bonus just for joining. TikTikCash is a free to join Company and looks like it has some potential in becoming a good source of extra income from home. Apparently there is over $2,500.00 in sign up bonuses in TikTikCash’s back office. That is a pretty impressive amount of cash.

You don’t have to refer other people to make money with TikTikCash. So for those of you out there that hate having to refer others, this should be right down your alley. However, you will make more money if you refer others, but it’s definitely not required.

How do you earn money with TikTikCash? I’m glad you asked. Take a look below to find out how to make money online with TikTikCash without ever referring anyone:

  • Join TikTikCash and earn $5.00 to your account instantly.
  • Read the paid e-mails TikTikCash sends you daily and make anywhere from 1 to 10 cents per e-mail.
  • Get paid to play unlimited cash games online.
  • Get paid to complete offers online and make up to $50.00 per offer.
  • Get paid for joining free survey sites.
  • TikTikCash also has cash back shopping set up to save you money on your shopping bills.

That is how you’ll earn without referring others. If you decide to go the extra mile and spread the word about TikTikCash you can earn 10% off of all your referrals earnings and get paid $5.00 for every active referral.

Here are some important things you should know about TikTikCash. They only accept members from the United States. You have to earn at least $100.00 in your cash accrued account before you can get paid and TikTikCash only pays its members using Paypal. I don’t like this and think the payment threshold could definitely be lowered for the sake of the members at TikTikCash. More payment options would be nice too.

You have to remain active to receive your payments. If you go three months without clicking on a paid to read e-mail, TikTikCash can permanently delete your account and you will forfeit all your earnings. You shouldn’t have to worry about this one though. As long as you are clicking on the paid to read e-mails TikTikCash sends you daily, you’ll aways be an active member. One last thing, you’ll only earn $5.00 from referrals that are active, otherwise you can kiss that $5.00 referral bonus goodbye.

A little bit about my experience with TikTikCash. I’ve been a member of TikTikCash now for a little over a year and still haven’t taken advantage of any paid to sign up offers or trial offers. This is probably why I haven’t received my first payment from TikTikCash yet. Doing the paid to sign up offers with any Company is the quickest way to make money with paid to sign up sites. Other than that I’ve made $15.11 to date just by reading my daily paid e-mails, another $5.00 for referring one active member, and $5.00 for my sign up bonus when I joined. I have a total of $25.11 in my cash accrued account. I still have a ways to go until I reach $100.00.

As far as my pending referral transactions go, I’ve referred 27 members total, only 20 of them confirmed their account, and I only have $20.00 in referral fees coming to me. This doesn’t make any sense to me. I should probably do a support ticket and find out what all of this means.

If you like TikTikCash, make sure to take a look at my other recommended paid to sign up sites and let me know how you like them.

**Disclaimer – Affiliate links are used on this post.

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