Advertising Tips

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The hardest thing about online marketing you'll find is setting everything up. Once you have everything set up, it basically runs on autopilot. So I'm not going to lie to you and say it's easy. It is easy after you set everything up. When I say setting everything up is hard, the two hardest things to set up is your website for online success and your autoresponders for repeat visitors. After that it is a cakewalk and all you have to do is focus on your online marketing efforts and make sure you are not throwing good money away on bad advertising!

One of the first things you'll need to be successful in your online advertising efforts is a good autoresponder because this brings repeat visitors back to your site, over and over again! There are a lot of good ones out their, put if you want the best I would recommend GetResponse or Aweber. Both follow the FTC spamming laws 100% and because of that you will not have problems with prospects receiving any of your e-mails. Because these two Companies are 100% spam compliant all your subscribers will have to double opt-in. All that means is after they put their name and e-mail address in on your splash page they will have to check their e-mail and confirm their subscription. This way you will know they didn't put someone else's e-mail address in and that they are serious about finding out what you have to offer.
Comments on GetRepsonse and Aweber.

One more thing in concerning your e-mails going to the junk mail folder for Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, etc... When writing your autoresponder e-mails, try to refrain from using words like: free, one time offer, limited time only, having your subject line as a question, etc... You want to make sure your subscribers receive the e-mails you send to them. Just be careful.

Adding your link(s) to all your e-mails

A great way to advertise for free is to put your website link in every e-mail you send out and every e-mail you reply to. To do this is easy. You can either manually put it in or you can make a signature file with your e-mail account that goes out to every e-mail that is sent. I recommend putting a sentence above your link to persuade someone to click and visit your site. Here is my signature example:

To your success,

Greg London
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Bookmarking your site

Another thing you'll want to do to your site is add a book mark link or widget. This is a free way for people to save your site to their favorites so they can come back to it at a later time. I recommend AddThis because they are free and have a good design!

Get over 1 million visitors free, plus online marketing education

This is my get paid to sign up traffic bonus page that I have designed. I've listed a bunch of websites that give you over 1 million in free visitors just for signing up with all of them. This is just one way to get cheap advertising online. The sites are all free to signup on and are all targeted towards people who want to make more money online. The site also goes over other cheap ways to advertise your website such as using PTR (Paid-to-Read) sites and PTC (Paid-to-Click) sites. One of the reasons these sites are so cheap to advertise on is because you don't have to pay for the targeting part of the advertising. Everyone that goes to these types of sites already have a general interest in making money online. This is in contrast to PPC (Pay-per-Click) sites. This type of advertising should only be used if you have an individual product you are advertising, not for general making money online because the cost per click can be really expensive per keyword chosen.

Making sure your site is indexed properly with all the major Search Engines

After you have submitted your site to the major Search Engines, you can find the list of major Search Engines by visiting my other online advertising page, the list is towards the bottom left hand side. You are going to want to make sure they are indexed to their max with them. Google, MSN, and Yahoo (now integreted with Bing) provide webmaster tools for you to take advantage of. They are all free and will help make sure you know how to keep your site indexed. All you have to have is a free account registered with them. Click the Search Engine names to be taken to the webmaster tools area.

Paying for Advertising

If your niche is online business opportunities, like I'm assuming it is, then your best bet is to advertise on sites that already have a membership base of members who are interested in making money online, for example: paid to click sites, paid to read sites, bux sites, traffic exchanges, etc... Individual sites I can think of off the top of my head are: Clixsense,, Easy Ad Bucks, etc... These sites are cheaper to advertise on because they are already targeted towards your niche of marketing for you. What I recommend doing while advertising on these sites is to buy unique visitors, making sure the site has at least 1,000 members or more to advertise to. I don't recommend e-mail advertising because you usually aren't guaranteed a certain number of hits to your site. Plus building your own mailing list you'll be able to advertise for free to them anyway. One of the other ways to pay for targeted advertising is to purchase pay per click advertising with some of the major Search Engines. Visit the other online advertising page for a list of pay per click sites (they are near the bottom on the left hand side). It's also important to keep track of your advertising. Visit the Staying Organized page to find out how to keep track of advertising expenses to profits.

The importance of Blogs and Social Networks

Blogs and Social Networks are important because Search Engines tend to index these much fast than they do a regular website. So you want to use that to your advantage. Basically your Blog is your central hub. View mine at: Sign Up and Make Money Blog. This is where you write posts on anything you want really. I recommend using Wordpress for your Blog. Wordpress allows you to use your own domain name and provide your own hosting. Plus they have a lot of great plug ins and widgets. Since you provide the hosting, you'll never have to worry about your Blog going away. You can also use Blogger (Google's free Blog).

As far as Social Networks are concerned, you'll want to use these to your advantage as well because they are indexed quickly in the Search Engines. Depending on how good your post is, you could expect to see it in the Search Engines within an hour. Their are a lot of Social Networks out there. Here is a list of my favorite Social Networks, feel free to add me as a friend to any of them.

Press Releases, RSS Feeds, Ezine Articles, Directories, and Blog Directories

These are very important for getting other sites to link to you. Though it takes a lot of work. I have a list of free Press Release sites, RSS fees sites, Articles, Directories, and Blog Directories to submit content to, but the list is too long to put on this site. If you are interested in getting this info just contact me and I'll e-mail this info to you. You can sumit your articles for free, but I also know some good Companies that will submit your site for you at a very affordable cost.

Offline Advertising - doing things the old fashioned way

We all know that your marketing efforts shouldn't be entirely spent online. In fact, if you are an outgoing type of person you can save a lot of your advertising costs by making some offline efforts to spread the word about your website. Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Make business cards of your website to hand out to people
  • Word of mouth advertising to friends and family - this costs nothing
  • Have a local meeting explaining your opportunity or website
  • Depending on what your business is, you could advertise in a local newspaper
  • Get on a radio station and promote your business
  • Make flyers and post them at local colleges and other permitted areas
  • You could do a direct mailing campaign and send post cards to people inviting them to your site
  • You could get on the telephone and sell your website to leads you got elsewhere
  • Call people in your local area, friends, colleagues, set appointments up with them to explain your business
  • Attempt to talk to two new people a day about your website
  • Ask people you know for referrals who might be interested in what you have to offer