InboxDollars payment proof

Just received what I believe is my first check from InboxDollars today. I may have received a check from them in the past, but it’s been a long time for sure.

How did I earn this payment? I referred some people and signed up on a few offers, my favorite being Stash (love fractional share investing). Of course I’ve been reading the paid emails for 2 cents a pop when I get a chance.

InboxDollars is not big money or anything, but it’s interesting to say the least.

ClixSense payment proof – check received in mail

Just wanted to give a quick update that a proof of payment was recently received by me from ClixSense – join ClixSense for free here. This is not my first payment proof from ClixSense as I have receive many Paypal payments in the past and used earnings to buy ads many times before.

ClixSense has made some changes recently. You can no longer click on ads to make money directly. Clicking on ads to make money was the easiest way to make money online with ClixSense. I have to admit I’m a little disappointed with their latest change. Now, signing up on offers is the way to make money. I guess this latest change was due to a lot of members scamming the ClixSense system. I can relate to that as there are a lot of hackers out there that would take advantage of any technical vulnerabilities out there. It’s sad I know.

Regardless of this, ClixSense remains to be a very legit company that really does want to act ethically to its members and reward them according to their terms and conditions.

Here is a copy of the latest check received from ClixSense:

ClixSense payment proof

ClixSense payment proof

You have to be patient when requesting a payment through ClixSense and many other online paid to click companies. I requested this check payment last month and finally received the check today. I pretty much forgot about it until I saw the check in the mail recently. I could’ve also used the money to advertise on ClixSense, but I chose not to because my last advertising experience was sub par with ClixSense. I can’t blame the results entirely on them, but I received a considerably less amount of signups from an ad I used a long time ago that previously produced an impressive amount of signups.

In conclusion, I still believe ClixSense is a very legitimate company to be a member of and is worth your time signing up for a free account. You will need to remain active with ClixSense in order to keep your earnings. This requires a login to their website about once a week to show you are a person of action. If you don’t log into their system about once a week your account will be in jeopardy of being set as inactive and your earnings will disappear. Not a very fun experience, trust me.

Please let me know of your personal experiences with ClixSense and if the free membership has been worth your while as it has been for me. If you never heard of ClixSense, please sign up and give them a try today.

Sendearnings thinks it’s a great idea to delete member accounts if inactive for six months.

Sendearnings Ad Sendearnings is a legit company with some bad policies. In particular, it is unfair in its termination of inactive accounts. If for any reason a member does not actively participate for six months or longer, the account is completely deleted. That is stated in its terms of service. However, that is not all they do.

Deleting an account for inactive members is common practice for many online businesses. Most, however, retain the member information so that the account could be reinstated with contacts/referrals and previous commission information accessible. That is not the policy of this website.

Sendearnings is unwise in its policy toward such inactive members. At the six months deadline, they eliminate any record of commissions earned and remove all referrals that were on file. Of course, they still benefit from those referrals, but if someone wants to re-establish their account, they start with nothing. This policy seems unfair in how it favors the company above its members. The good paid to sign up websites out there will make your account inactive, but they will not delete your account completely. This makes sense because inactive accounts weigh extra strains on the server’s resources. Sending out emails to inactive members is literally a waste of time.

Despite these findings, I still share the company on the website because they have paid me in the past. I’m just really shocked how they screw their members if they don’t remain 100% active with clicking on paid emails and filling out surveys.

My warning to you is to join Sendearnings to give them a try, but beware you account with all its earnings will be deleted if you do not remain active with them. This is completely ridiculous and the paid to sign up website has forever lost credibility with me.