Is Easy Ad Bucks really so easy?

Easy Ad Bucks - Paid to read e-mails?I went ahead and decided to log into my Easy Ad Bucks account today just to see how much I’ve earned since I’ve been reading all those 1/2 cent e-mails I’ve been getting regularly. I want to make sure you know that I’ve been a member of Easy Ad Bucks now since late of  2008. This has been well over a year.

There are currently 24 members in my down line. I’ve read pretty much almost every e-mail Easy Ad Bucks has sent me since I’ve been a member. I do have to admit that I have not logged into my account to take advantage of additional earning opportunities like getting paid to click, and paid to sign up on offers, etc….

Do you want to know how much I’ve earned as an Easy Ad Bucks member after referring 24 other members and reading a vast majority of all the paid to read e-mails sent to me?

$3.10 and  2,950 points – yuppie, let’s celebrate!!!!! (just kidding)

In order to cash out with Easy Ad Bucks you have to earn a minimum of $10.00. It is true that I can use the 2,950 points I’ve earned towards advertising, but I’ve advertised with Easy Ad Bucks before and had poor results.

Look, I’m not writing this post to put down Easy Ad Bucks, I’m just writing about my experience with them. You might have had a totally different experience with Easy Ad Bucks than I have had. That’s cool, if you have, please leave a comment for other members to hear about.

I have been reading my e-mails with Easy Ad Bucks because I notice they don’t send a ton of e-mails like other paid to read e-mail sites out there. Another thing I like about Easy Ad Bucks is that they have been around for a little while. This shows something to me. It shows that Easy Ad Bucks will probably be around for awhile. Since Easy Ad Bucks is 100% free to join, you have nothing to lose by signing up with them.

A sample Easy Ad Bucks ad is above. Take a look at what Easy Ad Bucks has to offer. I believe I saw an advertising special of 5,000 clicks for only $10.00. This really isn’t that bad of a deal. I’ve seen other similar advertising sites charge way more than this.

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