Web Design every internet marketer should know

Some basic html code.

I'm going to just go over the basics on this stuff. With GDI you get your own website builder. It is ok if you don't mind using a template, which puts limits on your site. It can also be tricky to work with because they limit the amount of content you can input per block and the amount of web pages you can have. Take a look at the w3c school tutorial on HTML.

Take advantage of Affordable Website & Domain Hosting

What I recommend using to get a website or blog built is an easy 1 click install of Wordpress with one of the below hosting companies where you can not only buy a domain with them, but you'll also be able to host your website as well.

Now the best way to build your own site is to use Wordpress or Blogger. I personally think Wordpress is better because it is more flexible, but it's really up to you. Blogger is 100% free, Wordpress you have to buy a domain name and host the site on a server. Comments on Wordpress and Blogger.

Index.html should be your home page

Basically a website is a bunch of pages (.html file extensions) that are all linked together in one folder. Your home page will always be labeled index.html and you can save your other web pages with whatever name you like. For example, the contact page would be called contact.html, etc...

How to organize the Layout of your site

You can use tables to organize all the data on your website. If you notice this site is centered on your computer screen. To do this all you need to do is set up 3 columns and put as many rows as you would like for the table. Also center the table and put the table's borders to 0. You will be able to do all of this with My Free Website Builder as well. The software makes if very easy to set up. An easier way to configure the layout of your website is to use cascading style sheets (css). This way you'll have one centralized location to update all the settings on your website. Take a look at w3c schools tutorial on cascading style sheets. If you need help with this, contact me anytime.

Some basic HTML

You don't need to know any html coding to build your website with myfreewebsitebuilder, but it is always good to know a little bit. Become familiar with some basic html.

How to make a simple banner for your site

Once you make your website, you are going to want to make a simple banner for your site for advertising purposes. I use Window's Paint program that came free with my operating system. Just make sure the banner picture is the normal 468x60. Just make a good title for it, something that will make someone want to click on it and save it as either a .jpg or .gif file.

How to make an opt-in page or splash page

Another important page you will need to build for your website is an opt-in page. I call it a splash page. This is the page you will be advertising for your website. It is so important to build a mailing list to get repeat visitors to your website. You don't want to only advertise your index.html page because 99% of the visitors you get will never go back to your site again. See an example of my splash page.

Make a rough draft of your site on paper first

Before you build your site it is always good to draw it out on a piece of paper on how you want the site to look. Also have a theme for your website. My theme is getting the $1,000 plus in signup bonuses plus over 1 Million free visitors. Take a look at my site. You can copy my theme if you are not sure on what to make your site about. Just put all your referral links on the site. Also make sure your site is easy to navigate on. Put links to your pages on the side and on the bottom so your customers don't have to scroll around to find everything.

Choosing your domain name

Try to be as creative as possible when coming up with a domain name for your website or blog. You want to try and keep it simple and short, no more than 3 words per domain and something that you can easily share via word of mouth and others won't have to ask you to repeat. Also try your best to get a .com, but others are just as fine in the long run.

Contact me for help building your website anytime

Remember, I understand building a website can be a little bit complicated at times. That is why I want to make sure you know that you can contact me anytime if you have any questions at all. I am your sponsor in GDI, I want you to succeed in being able to advertise all your businesses on one site and save you time and money in advertising.banner_right.

Note to the serious web designers

If you decide to get serious about web design later on in the future, the software you'll need to succeed online is either Adobe Dreamweaver, Eclipse, Sublime Text, or Netbeans. Adobe Photoshop is good to know and have as well. Grant it, there are more tools you'll need than just this, but it is a good start.