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My Experience with is another paid to click site out there, they offer a 5 cent sign up bonus if you join them for free. Although they have paid me once, see proof, I requested my second payout over 9 months ago and have yet to see it. To me it’s just another Bux site, yet I’ve […]

ySense as an Advertising Option Online

I wanted to take some time to discuss Clix Sense (now ySense) as an advertising option online. Why? First of all it is 100% free to join the advertising company. So you have nothing to lose. You can get a free account and click on current advertisements and earn anywhere from 1 cent to 5 […]

Hits4pay will give you some extra income

FYI: Hits4pay is no longer available Hits4pay is a paid to click website/company that I have been a member of since 2005. I am currently making about $30.00 a month with this site and they’ll actually pay you $10.00 free to sign up with them. I make a majority of my earnings from my referrals. […]

Make money with E-mailpaysU

** Quick update – I have over $100.00 in commissions earned from EmailpaysU. I read their terms and was told you have to print out their terms and conditions, sign it, then mail it into the Texas address. I did this about 5 to 6 months ago and still no payment. I’ve added them to […]