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** Quick update – I have over $100.00 in commissions earned from EmailpaysU. I read their terms and was told you have to print out their terms and conditions, sign it, then mail it into the Texas address. I did this about 5 to 6 months ago and still no payment. I’ve added them to the worst list due to this. **

E-Mail Pays U - Get paid to read e-mail and sign up on offers.E-mailpaysu is a great way to make some extra income from home. It’s 100% free to join and you get paid to click on ads. I like E-mailpaysu because they’ll send you e-mails in your inbox worth 2 cents each. You usually get to see a lot of good, interesting sites in the process of clicking.

Another thing I like about E-mailpaysu is that they give you a $10.00 sign up bonus after you sign up with. This bonus is directly deposited in your account and it’s yours once you reach a balance of $50.00 in your account.

E-mailpaysu also has other ways of earning as well. You can sign up on offers and get paid for it. They have in account inbox where you can click on ads.

The final thing I’ll say about E-mailpaysu is that they have some good advertising options. With over 800,000 members worldwide you can really get some exposure to your site. They have weekly advertising specials and past advertiser discounts. I have advertised with this Company before and got positive results from it. I actually paid for 1,000 USA visitors for $27.00 and added over 120 subscribers to my mailing list and earned 3 times what I paid for the advertisement.

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