My Experience with - Get paid to click on is another paid to click site out there, they offer a 5 cent sign up bonus if you join them for free. Although they have paid me once, see proof, I requested my second payout over 9 months ago and have yet to see it. To me it’s just another Bux site, yet I’ve seen a lot of Bux sites disappear since I’ve been keeping track. The fact that their website is still up is enough for me not to give up on them.

I highly recommned not to invest any money with the Company. Just take advantage of their free paid to click money making services.

Any Company that tries to make it’s main source of income off of selling referrals is bad news. It’s maybe even best to call it a scam.

They now owe me $2,800.00 that I requested payout over nine months ago and have yet to see this money. Their terms of service state that upgraded members will receive their payout within 30 business days and that free members will receive their payouts within 60 business days. This in itself should have been a red flag for me.

Why should it take so long to receive a payout? Especially since the payout is at $10.00. Does it really take that long to audit all the clicks? They should have some sort of software to take care of that.

Anyway, I will do another post  on them if they pay me and it will be a positive one with a little bit of negativity of why it took so long for them to pay out. I’m definitely not holding my breath though!

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  1. orasisx says:

    BUX.TO is a scam ! not give any money to them I wait (me and other 5 million users) for 1 year and 3 months !

    Owner is a international theft and interpol looking for him .

  2. Deanna T says:


    My last payment request from was April 4th 2008 for $7,780…I have still NOT been Paid.
    Even if does pay you like they did me in the beginning…it’s just keep you hooked so you will invest more money.Eventually you will be like me,waiting 2 years and still no payment.
    If you have been scammed by file a complaint with the Commonwealth of Dominica(this is where is located)
    Here’s their website.

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  4. Abdul Rehman says:

    I am another one who has been scammed by

  5. S says:

    me toooo, i understand


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