Best ways to promote and advertise your Global NPN referral link for free online

GlobalNPN.Com - The New Plan Network - Your home program.I initially decided to write this blog post to help my Global NPN matrix members brainstorm on ways to get their Global NPN referral link out on the web so they can start getting sign ups. Remember, with Global NPN, you will only need to refer 2 other paid members in order for the membership to be free if you are at the PRO level. I’m not saying it’s easy, but I’m also not saying it’s going to happen by itself. You need to make the effort or else you’ll never sign anyone up.

These are not the only ways to promote Global NPN, because there are too many to mention. The number one question I get from new Global NPN sign ups is, “How do I get started?” This is why I am dispensing this information to you, whether you are in my matrix or not, this information will help you get the 2 needed paid sign ups to make all the advertising tools free and to produce a nice monthly residual income online with Global NPN.

When you first start off, you might tell your friends and family, but you’ll run out of prospects real quick if that’s all you do. This is why I like Global NPN so much, you can promote and advertise the business entirely online without ever actually having to talk to a single soul about signing up.

So, let’s get started, shall we?

Promote Global NPN in traffic exchanges

Traffic exchanges are a great way to promote anything for free. Global NPN has a special referral link made just for traffic exchanges. There are lots of traffic exchanges out there to choose from, here is my recommended list of traffic exchanges.

Promote Global NPN in Safelists

Safelists are yet another free way to promote your Global NPN referral link. There are currently 3 e-mail ads in your Global NPN back office you can use for these Safelists, or you can simply make your own.

Write blog posts and articles about Global NPN

Basically what I’m doing right now. Believe it or not, this blog post I’m writing is going to get thousands of hits during its lifetime from search engine traffic and definitely is not a waste of time in my opinion, plus I’m helping others at the same time. If you have a blog, great, if not, then the two blog platforms to choose from are Blogger and WordPress.

Take advantage of Global NPN eCertificates

Global NPN’s eCertificates are the best way to get sign ups because you get 50% of the eCertificate back every time a referral uses one. So you buy one at $10.75. Someone signs up for the 30 day free trial with Global NPN and you get $5.00 back. So it’s basically like you’re paying $5.00 a sign up. If that member stays on for one more month, you now have gotten your entire eCertificate back and it cost you nothing. If that Global NPN member stays on after that, it’s all profit from then on out. This is why it’s most important to help the people you refer succeed with Global NPN so that they keep the membership for years to come.

Also, if you offer the 30 day free trial, this shows your prospects that you are very serious about Global NPN being the best business opportunity out there today and that you are willing to take a risk at your own expense because you know that after they have a free trial, it will make sense and they will keep the membership.

Make a video about Global NPN

Making a quick video of yourself explaining how Global NPN has made you money online or why it makes sense to you will dramatically influence others on why they would want to join themselves.  Plus it is a way for the undecided referral to connect with you on a different level. The video doesn’t have to be fancy and you can upload it to YouTube or another video network. See one of my Global NPN videos below:

Use the Global NPN url rotator to your advantage

Everyone that joins Global NPN directly under me is inserted into a Global NPN URL rotator and promoted at the main sign up bonus page. This is an extra incentive for joining through me. I don’t have to do this, but I want to help my matrix members any way I can. After I see two referrals under them, I remove them from the rotator so others can benefit.

After you get paid by Global NPN, show your proof of payment

It won’t take you long to get paid by Global NPN since you only have to earn $20.00 in commissions in order to get paid automatically on the 10th of the month. See a proof of payment I received from Global NPN.

Add Global NPN to your social network and forum profiles

What do I mean by this? Well every social network allows you to put a website as part of your profile. The social networks you should be building are Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube in my opinion. Don’t ever try to promote Global NPN directly on these networks, but instead just do your normal every day things and have your Global NPN link or image link in your profile or forum signature.

Add Global NPN link to the bottom of your e-mails

Think about how many e-mails you send out every day. If you put a simple e-mail signature at the bottom with your Global NPN referral link on it, this will get you traffic to your site.

It could be something simple, like this: Online advertising tools!

Use the advertising tools that the Global NPN membership provides

You got an e-mail blaster that you can use to promote Global NPN with. You got url trackers to see how many hits you’re really getting at the traffic exchanges and safelists. Global NPN also offer plenty of solo ad resources and other ad resources in your back office. The autoresponder is for other businesses you’re currently promoting. All the sign ups you get through your capture pages are already put in an autoresponder for you. So that’s taken care of already. So Global NPN offers a lot of great ways to advertise your referral link online.

Like I said, these are free ways to promote your Global NPN referral link. If you feel like you’re ready to take it to the next level and have Global NPN residual income coming in, then I would start paying for advertising to build you business even faster.


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