Enjoy Bingo? Then you’ll like these free deposit bonuses

I’m not really big into gambling online or playing any kind of Casino stuff, but I ran into a couple of online bingo sites that will give you a sign up bonus just for joining. On top of the free sign up bonus, you’ll also have the ability to get a percentage of your initial deposit back.

If you’re into gambling online, this is for you. If you’re like me on the other hand, you’re probably going to want to just take advantage of the free affiliate program these two gaming sites have to offer. You will have the ability to earn up to 50% of what your referred customers spend on the gambling sites along with an option to do CPA earnings only. Nothing too complicated, but I thought I should at least let you know.

123 Bingo Online logo.

Let’s start off with 123 Bingo Online. You’ll get a $25.00 sign up bonus just for joining and can earn up to a huge 1,000% return on your first deposit. I think that sounds kind of outrageous in my opinion. Like I said before, I’m not into gambling online, so I don’t know how legit these two site really are. Make sure to do your due diligence before putting any money into them.

Bingo Flash logo.

The next gambling bingo bonus site is Bingo Flash. With Bingo Flash you’ll get a $20.00 sign up bonus just for joining and up to 250% return on your first deposit with them. I know it is a whole lot less compared to 123 Bingo Online, but you’re probably going to lose all that money to gambling anyway.

Sign up with both of these gambling bingo bonus sites and make at a minimum, $45.00 of free money you can gamble away online.

**Disclaimer – Affiliate links are used on this post.


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