Shuffilizer advertising network plus a sign up bonus

Shuffilizer program.I don’t know what kind of quality traffic you’ll get when joining Shuffilizer, but at least I know you’ll get a $5.00 sign up bonus for joining. The sign up link to join the Shuffilizer program is in the top right hand corner. It doesn’t look like the main sign up link. I really don’t know why the owners of Shuffilizer decided to design the sign up link that way. I actually had to go through two affiliate links before I could find out where to sign up on the site. That is something to think about before joining as well.

I read the frequently asked questions section and found out you will be automatically paid around the 5th of the month as long as your balance is at least $16.00. Not too bad, they could probably lower the cash out price just a little bit, but that’s lower than most advertising sign up bonus sites that pay a $5.00 sign up bonus.

On top of the $5.00 sign up bonus, you should also receive 500 advertising credits for joining that will get your ad rotating on the Shuffilizer home page. After looking at how Shuffilizer works, I would only recommend taking advantage of their free advertising services. In my opinion it doesn’t seem viable to upgrade in the Shuffilizer program because you really aren’t guaranteed any traffic. I always say, the more places you can promote your website for free, you might as well take advantage of the opportunity no matter how minimal it looks.

It costs $19.99 to upgrade in Shuffilizer. It looks like you can decide to upgrade just for one month and get 5,ooo advertising credits to your ad. This is also supposed to enable you to earn $8.00 off of all the people you referred that also upgrade their account. Once again, I just don’t see it being a very profitable venture. That’s just my opinion though, what do you think?

As long as you are a free member, like myself, you will get 25 advertising credits towards your ad for every free referral you bring into Shuffilizer. That’s not very much, but whatever, it’s free. That’s pretty much all there is to the Shuffilizer affiliate program. You sign up, put in your ad (which can be altered at anytime), and refer others to get free traffic to that ad while your text ad is randomly rotated on the main home page at

**Disclaimer – Affiliate links are used on this post.

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