Explosive e-mail advertising sign up bonus from Dynamite Safelist

Dynamite Safelist - Explosive e-mail advertising.I don’t know about you, but as annoying as Safelists are, I think I’m starting to like them a whole lot. Dynamite Safelist is the latest Safelist I’ve ran into that is currently offering a $10.00 sign up bonus until they reach 1,000 members.

Why am I starting to like Safelist? I’m starting to like Safelists because they are such a convenient way to build up advertising credits (or should I say hits to my websites). When you feel like you’re ready to do a promotion on something, you just go to all the Safelists that you are currently a member of and send out all your ads. Bam, you got instant access to thousands of double opt in members all over the world coming to your website because of the brilliance of Safelists.

I’m not going to lie either, I mean Safelist are what they are. You will get tons of e-mail daily that you will have to go through and delete. If you don’t have a good application like Microsoft Outlook, where you can highlight and delete multiple e-mails at a time, Safelists will become a huge hassle for you. What I’m saying is, join with that caution in mind.

Unfortunately, with Dynamite Safelist you will have to contact support in order to receive your $10.00 sign up bonus. Keep that in mind before you decide to sign up. Something I do like about Dynamite Safelist is that they give you anywhere from 500 to 2,000 advertising points just for logging in consistently. I like that, hopefully Dynamite Safelist sticks to that policy. Of course, when you refer other free members, you’ll earn advertising credits off that as well.

Dynamite Safelist also has a banner exchange that uses your earned advertising credits. Just by logging into your account every once in awhile will keep your banner rotating in Dynamite Safelist’s network. I do like the idea of that.

That’s pretty much it, I did take the time to look through Dynamite Safelist’s terms to see when you can cash out, it looks like you have to earn $35.00 in commissions to cash out. That’s a little bit of a red flag to me, but everything else looks alright. Take a look at some more free traffic sign up bonus sites that will help drive free traffic to your websites.

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