Free to join Safelists that pay you a sign up bonus for joining

Hot, yet free sign up bonuses to take advantage of.I wanted to share a list of free Safelists that will all pay you a sign up bonus for joining them. What is true with a lot of these Safelists is that not only will they pay you money to join them, but these Safelists will also give you free traffic for signing up as well. Some of these Safelists will actually give you free traffic credits every month just for being a member with them.

Just a quick note about Safelists, make sure you have a separate e-mail account or accounts to use with Safelists because you will get a whole lot of e-mails every day. If you don’t mind getting a lot of e-mails to your main e-mail address, than just ignore what I just stated.

Safelists that pay you to sign up with them:

Total = $70.00

So there you have it, $70.00 if free advertising and free bonus credits for signing up all in one. Take a look at some more traffic websites that pay sign up bonuses for joining them.

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  1. michael says:

    any thoughts about blastomatic.
    to be fair i am in a few safelists and i realy think that traffic exchanges get your site shown more.

  2. I haven’t checked it out, let me know what kind of results you get.