Get a commission on the next cell phone you buy with TMI Wireless

TMI Wireless - The Internet Wireless Superstore.Let’s face it, cell phones are pretty much a part of everyday life these days. Most people are switching to owning cell phones only, versus regular land line home phones. Why? Because cell phones have so much more functionality and can be taken with you where ever you go. Most of us have a cell phone service plan with one of the major cell phone providers (At&t, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, Nextel, T-Mobile). Did you know you can receive a commission when you buy your next cell phone if you are a free affiliate with TMI Wireless?

TMI Wireless is an excellent online wireless cell phone provider that I bought my last cell phone with. I received my phone through FedEx within only 2 days after purchasing it online. I was even able to call a representative of TMI Wireless to make sure my cell phone plan was going to be updated properly. I did this using my own TMI Wireless affiliate link they gave me and I later received a kick back from the purchase of my own personal cell phone.

This is the whole point, cell phones aren’t going away, almost everybody you know has one. Your friends and family are going to need to update their cell phone plans or get a new cell phone with their current plan. You might as well be the one to refer them to your free TMI Wireless affiliate site when they are ready to update their cell phone plans. You will make a commission every time they buy a new cell phone ($50.00 per cell phone sale). If you feel bad about doing this, you could give your friends and family a part of your commission if they buy from your affiliate link. Doing this will also help keep your friends and family as regular returning customers.

The TMI Wireless free business opportunity.Maybe some of your inner network (friends and family) might not be interested in buying a cell phone through TMI Wireless, but they may be interested in making some extra money on the side. Once again, the TMI Wireless affiliate program can help make this possible. You can refer other free affiliates (up to 1 level or tier deep, too bad it’s not more) and make a $10.00 commission off all their personal sales. This just another way to help build leverage in your life for free.

You really have nothing to lose. Sign up for your free affiliate account with TMI Wireless and at least get a commission on the next cell phone you upgrade or buy. That’s why I love free affiliate sites, there are no monthly dues to commit to!

**Disclaimer – Affiliate links are used on this post.


  1. Daniel Moser says:

    Yes cell phones are the present and future I ditched my Land line phone about 2 years aga from AT&T the only calls I ever recieved on it were telemarketers… And you can do so much more with mobiles like e-mail, video Mp3 and text ot if you have an iphone they are like mini computers…

  2. I am totally against the commission. This is my view. Thanks

  3. Fantastic article, keep up the good work.

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  5. Alisha Cox says:

    i am sort of obsessed with the latest cellphones on the market and i am always on the lookout”*~


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