Get $10.00 from Aim High Traffic when you sign up

Aim High Traffic - free traffic exchange to join.Aim High Traffic is a new traffic exchange that offers its members $10.00 when they sign up for free. The thing I like most about Aim High Traffic is that they send you credit e-mails where all you have to do is click they credit link and you’ll receive free hits back to your website on auto pilot. Aim High Traffic calls these credit e-mails solo adverts, I just call them free traffic to my website.

Aim High Traffic gives you $10.00 when you sign up with them, but you won’t be able to touch that $10.00 until your account balance reaches at least $25.00. That sucks, but that is just the way it is. If Aim High Traffic gave every one $10.00 just for signing up and not expecting anything else in return; they would go out of business in a heart beat. So technically you’ll have to earn that $10.00, but you’ll come out ahead with at least $25.00 in the long run.

With Aim High Traffic’s exchange system you’ll be able to advertise 5 different websites as a free member. Aim High Traffic is a manual traffic exchange so all the members of the network will have to view the sites you have in the rotator. What separates Aim High Traffic from other traffic exchanges is that while surfing websites for credits, you’ll never have to click on an image or number to get credit for viewing the website. Instead, all you’ll have to do is put your mouse pointer over the web page to get credit. It’s called hover technology and very new to traffic exchanges. I really like it a lot.

With Aim High Traffic you can get credits in four ways.

  1. Surfing on their exchange.
  2. Straight out purchasing credits (only if you want to do this).
  3. Referring others generates free hits back to your websites.
  4. Reading the credit e-mails Aim High Traffic will send you.

Aim High Traffic offers a 2:1 credit ratio. What this means is that for every website you view you’ll earn half a credit. Surf ten websites in their exchange and receive 5 hits back to your site. Don’t worry, when you surf theĀ Aim High Traffic exchange the longest the timer will take is about 8 to 12 seconds.

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  2. Hello friend!

    tried to sign up with Aim High Traffic but it just indicated NA in front of sign up bonus, so it seems no more the $10 right?

    well went for another traffic site advertised there =

    www . equussafelist . com/s . php?rcmbusiness

    and it has given 20k credits for advertising as well as $10, thanks.

  3. That’s strange, I just checked the other day and Aim High Traffic was still offering the $10.00 sign up bonus. It might take a little time before the $10.00 sign up bonus shows up in your back office.