My most popular Secret Shopping Company is Market Force

Market Force Info - Free secret shopping company to join.Market Force used to be known as Shopncheck and was only one Company. Market Force has really come a long way and teamed up with a bunch of other prosperous Mystery Shopping Companies and Merchandising Companies to make it what it is today. In my humble opinion they are the best Secret Shopping Company out there. Don’t get me wrong, I know there are a lot of other really good paid to shop sites out there, but the amount of income I make with Market Force surpasses all the other Secret Shopping Companies out there. Market Force also has a good system set up for scheduling and reporting your results online.

If you aren’t currently a shopper with Market Force, I highly recommend taking advantage of this free opportunity. That’s right, I said free! The only tools you’ll need to be a successful Mystery Shopper are the following:

  • A vehicle to get from point A to point B
  • Computer
  • Printer
  • Scanner or digital camera
  • An Internet connection
  • The ability to work on your own and self motivation
  • Good writing skills

As a Secret Shopper myself, I am not allowed to mention who Market Force’s clients are. I can say that I respect their clients for wanting to improve their customer service. In my opinion, that is what makes a Company stand above its competitors.

If you like Market Force, then you’ll like my other recommended Secret Shopping Companies to join. They are all free, so you have nothing to lose. Some websites will charge a fee for this same┬álist, but I think that’s unethical. You apply for these Mystery Shopping Companies almost in the same way you would apply for a job. Except as a Secret Shopper, you are considered an Independent contractor and work on your own. This also means you are responsible for keeping track of your income and expenses when tax time comes around.

If you are new to owning your own business and have only had a job your whole life, then take a look at some of the tax deductions you can benefit from having your own home based business.


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