Poad Team is not a normal Traffic Exchange

Poad Team - Free manual traffic exchange to join.The Poad Team Traffic Exchange has a good set up as far as getting traffic to customer’s websites.  It’s rare to see a traffic exchange ask it’s surfers questions about the sites being rotated. I love what the Poad Team Traffic Exchange is doing when it comes to surfing websites.

How many other traffic exchanges out there will ask their viewers to confirm an important piece of informative information about their website specifically? Not too many obviously. Most traffic exchanges only ask their viewers to click a certain image confirming they have viewed the site for the required amount of time. The thing that makes Poad Team so different is that they will ask a specific question to the surfer (usually the individual that is promoting their site will determine the question to be asked) while they are viewing the advertised site.

What this does is it makes the viewer really have to take a look at the site being advertised. In order for the viewer to be credited for viewing the site, he or she has to answer a specific question about the site. I think more traffic exchanges should take advantage of this business model even though it is a little bit annoying for the surfer trying to build up credits by surfing. At least the surfer will know his or her site will be viewed very carefully by the next anxious surfer.

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