Use The New Plan Network for Advertising!

What is The New Plan Network, otherwise known as NPN? Well, it is a business opportunity, but it is also a great advertising tool. I say this because you get a lot of great marketing tools when you join the business for only $10.75 a month. For this small fee; I think all these tools are well under priced.

-A Multi-Auto responder with up to 10 different campaigns.
-A Capture page creator that works just as good as Getresponse or Aweber.
-Of course an auto responder to build your NPN business.
-A multi-ad tracker where you can track the links you are advertising.
-A down line mailer, so everyone you refer is kind of on your mailing list.
-A URL rotator, so you can use one link to advertise a number of sites.
-Banner rotators, up to 3 banners rotate throughout NPN’s network for free.
-A multi-downline builder, to build 3 other programs you may have.
-There’s more, but I’m getting tired of writing.

Do you think that is worth $10.75 a month? I would love to hear your comments below.

I do think it’s worth it. Wait until you hear about the compensation plan. I’ll go over that in another post. If you are interested, check out the NPN movie. Let me know what you think.

**Disclaimer – Affiliate links are used on this post.

One Comment

  1. willie says:

    Yes Global NPN is a great company and very affordable opportunity.

    I have been with them 11 months. Lots of great tools to use in building any online business, and they pay, on time.