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My List Frog includes a list building sign up bonus

I’ve never been a big fan of 100% free to join list building websites because I usually build my mailing list through my own efforts, but My List Frog looks like it may have some potential. On top of being a free to join traffic site off the bat, My List Frog will also give […]

Why you should add video to your website

Adding video to any website will help decrease bounce rate. This means that visitors will most likely end up staying at your website a lot longer because everyone loves videos, even if they suck. YouTube is a great way to add video to your website because they provide a platform to embed videos onto your […]

The difference between Get Response and Aweber

**Note: since I wrote this post, Get Response has recently upgraded their site and added more features. While this sounds like a good thing, it raised the cost of using their auto responder services. Unfortunately, Get Response and Aweber now cost about the same.** There aren’t too many differences between Get Response and Aweber. Both […]