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Why you should add video to your website

Adding video to any website will help decrease bounce rate. This means that visitors will most likely end up staying at your website a lot longer because everyone loves videos, even if they suck. YouTube is a great way to add video to your website because they provide a platform to embed videos onto your […]

Using The Spider Web Marketing System to help your GDI Business

I’m not really too big on having to use a system to create your website with GDI, but the hard reality of life is that a lot of people don’t have a good source of time to get things done these days. This is the main reason why I recommend The Spider Web Marketing System to help new members […]

NPN’s Recently added products

The New Plan Network, otherwise known as NPN, has recently added a couple new products to their already superb system for online marketing. The two new products are the Multi Sponder Elite and the Capture Page Creator Elite. NPN already had something similar to this, but they didn’t work too well together. Now with these […]