Get a Net Spend debit card and a $20.00 sign up bonus

Update – after being a member of Netspend for the past 6 months I’ve discovered their fees to be much higher than anticipated plus all the referrals I contributed never gave me any commissions. I have cancelled my account and waiting for a refund check.

Net Spend LogoHave you ever heard of a debit card company hooking you up with a free sign up bonus? Yeah, you might have, but I think joining Net Spend is a smart move and it really doesn’t cost you anything. The only catch is that you have to put $40.00 on your debit card in order to get the sign up bonus.

The good news is that it works, here is a screenshot of my referral sign up bonus I got last week.

Net Spend Account

There is more good news. If you refer other people you know you can also get another $20.00 referral bonus again and again. No limits as far as I know.

Of course the only downside is that when you use your card you will have to pay fees every time or choose to be billed on the monthly option and use all you want. This makes sense, because the Net Spend needs to make a profit, right?

You can simply refer others and once your balance gets high enough withdrawal the cash at an ATM or buy something with it. It’s your choice. Hope you join me on this venture.

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