Squishy Cash payment proof of over $80.00

Squishy Cash LogoMy first payment from Squishy Cash, YAH!!!! This site has now been added to my “best” or “A” list for sign up bonus websites I am recommending online. Believe it or not, most of the money in the $80.00 Squishy Cash commission was from people I’ve referred. What I’m really saying is that I haven’t been too active with Squishy Cash, but this will definitely change in the future since I’m 100% sure they are a paying legit website. Don’t forget that they give new members a free $5.00 sign up bonus (limited of time only so hurry up).

I’ve been really busy these days with a new investment in real estate (I’ll do a post on it later) so I’ve had this post on my list of things to do for a little while now.

Without further delay, take a look at the payment proof below:

Finger pointing at a payment proof.

Squishy Cash proof of payment for $83.64.

Squishy Cash has various ways to make money online through different offers and clicking on and viewing ads. So take advantage of this free opportunity right away. The best part is the ability to earn from others you refer.

Squishy Cash is also really good with not deleting their inactive members. So many “get paid to do stuff online” opportunities make the silly mistake of deleting inactive members having the ignorance of believing busy people in this world really should be able to constantly be logging into their website at least once every one to six months.

It’s a good and bad thing really. It does help keep their databases clean and gets rid of scam sign ups, but the unfortunate thing is that it deletes legitimate members as well. The worst part about sites that do this is they also delete the inactive member’s earnings as well. This is what really sucks the most for people like me and you.

Well, anyway, Squishy Cash never deleted my account and I really respect them for that. This means that they won’t delete your account for not being active so sign up with them right away. I will also promote the Squishy Cash website as long as they keep rewarding me like they promised. Don’t forget about the $5.00 sign up bonus as well.