is a developing online currency and payment processing service with a sign up bonus logo.I ran into a few weeks ago and decided to take some time to quickly go over what it is all about. PayBox offers a pretty steep $50.00 sign up bonus. To me, this raises a red flag not just because $50.00 is a nice bonus for a sign up form that will take you less than 1 minute to fill out, but because I have to wonder how long it will take to actually physically get that sign up bonus. initially makes itself out to be an online currency and payment processor site where you can send money to people, but I believe this is what they eventually want to become. At the current moment PayBox looks more like a task website where you get paid to complete various tasks online. I’ve also seen a couple surveys to participate in.

Of course, like all websites, you get paid to refer others. They claim to pay you $5.00 for every referral you bring in. The only problem is that they are claiming to give you all this money, but ask for nothing in return. Kind of sounds like they might not be in business very long unless they find ways not to pay there loyal members.

By the year 2011, plans to roll out the following:

  • Person-to-Person transactions.
  • Small Business integration, including payment processing modules for all popular shopping cart software.
  • Mid-sized Business integration.
  • Major Online Store integration.
  • Debit Card linked to your PayBox account.
  • Currency exchange with all major world currencies.

If PayBox can pull all this off, they might have something going for them.


  1. peter chandra says:

    i think paybox is the best site that i have ever heard…
    no other site that can give you $50 just to sign up…..
    but the problem is that site is very difficult to open…

    Henry Reply:

    I agree with you on your last post please do u know any website dat i can buy from using paybox please when you get this comment reply pls

  2. love says:

    The imagination is the limit. Given that the brain can picture the very fact that you can do something, you can do it

  3. osama fouad hanna says:

    reply and sign up

    signupandmakemoney Reply:

    I don’t get it????

  4. Arselio says:

    I don’t how to claim the money from huhuhuhu

    signupandmakemoney Reply:

    You have to earn the minimum payout in order to get paid with

    Hope this helps 🙂

    maycee Reply:

    how to earn the minimum payout??

    signupandmakemoney Reply:

    Everyone has questions on the minimum payout. If this is the case, it shows me that needs to get their act together or else they’ll start being labeled as a scam.

    sa Reply:

    How will I get money and minimum the payout?

    emmanuel Reply:

    good day, please how do i earn the minimum payout? how much do i need have before withdraw i have up to $280.56, and i don;t know how to withdraw

    rosemary houchin Reply:

    you can not withdraw any money at this time, it is still being tested. and it is virtual currency. Once testing is over and they “open the box” you will be able to buy online with money in your account. They state later you can transfer to your bank account??? NO cash withdrawal at this time.

    signupandmakemoney Reply:

    Thanks for actually taking the time to read the terms yourself.

  5. Chris W says:

    I currently have $303,207.03 on my Paybox account. I can’t wait until i can transfer it over into my PayPal account.

    arumugam Reply:

    I am buying paybox amount from everybody. Now you have $303,207.03, I am ready to buy these all amount for $50,000.00. I send to you through paypal. If deal ok contact me

    Kate Gladstone Reply:

    Did you receive my messages and inquiries over this weekend?

    signupandmakemoney Reply:

    What are you talking about?

    Tupazcj Reply:

    @arumugam if you want to buy my paybox earn contact me @ I will wait for you..

  6. Chris W (or anyone else in PayBox) — would you be willing to buy even MORE PayBox by sending me some PayPal? If so, e-mail me at with the words “PayBox” and “PayPal” somewhere in the SUBJECT-line. I deal in large, medium, and small quantities: I have A LOT of PayBox waiting to fly into your account, and will also consider doing sales in the reverse direction (sending you PayPal money in return for some more PayBox).

  7. anna says:

    Hey, how can i get that money into my paypal account?

    signupandmakemoney Reply:

    You’ll have to contact directly about how they pay their members if you’re having any issues receiving payments.

  8. mods says:

    it’s a good site if we really earn and claim the amount we have at our account… I hope so….

  9. Subbu says:

    What is the actual currency of ?
    Who is behind this site ? what is the gain for them ?


    signupandmakemoney Reply:

    Did you ask these questions yet?

  10. Srivani says:

    how to claim money in paybox

  11. Dave says:

    That arumagam person is a fraud. He had me deposit my Paybox money into his account and promised to Pay me through Paypal…please avoid him…he knows that there is no customer service and you cannot get it back, so he will take your money.

  12. Asaduzzaman says:

    How can i withdraw my money??????? I want it by debit card. contact with me on or call me on +8801190547102

  13. Asaduzzaman says:

    Please tell me how can i withdraw my money? please tell me.

  14. heartbabygirl says:

    If anyone interested in buying paybox money, i’m selling it very cheap (starting $1000 paybox for $1 paypal) send a email to with your rates and amount, and wait for reply

  15. ali says:

    how can i transfer money from to libertyreserve / alertpay?? plz tell me answer

  16. fahad says:

    how to clam my money i m from paklistan please tell me soon

    signupandmakemoney Reply:

    Did you contact yet about this question???

  17. San says:

    Really, you cannot contact Creepy and now wanting you to take affiliate courses which of course they are affiliates of! DUH

    signupandmakemoney Reply:

    Well, if there is no way to contact, then I would just move them into the spam category. Every website and/or business must have a way to contact their members.

  18. pankajchejara says:

    How can I withdraw money?

  19. Maki says: is a BIG SCAM. They sell clicbank (scam) product. Be carefull. Dont waste your time.

  20. adnan says:

    plz tell me how i receive money at bank account or alrtpay account plz reply me very qukily

  21. Jean Rogue says:

    You guys can’t be serious. Guys, THE MONEY IS NOT REAL MONEY. Is PAYBOX’S OWN CURRENCY, a virtual currency created by paybox. That “money” is not real 50 bucks. Trust me, I know this. All of the websites mentioned here on this sites are all completely true, except That website is a newly opened business, is still under construction. It only will give through details about the website, meaning how to use the paybox currency,after is fully opened. Which many people found it suspicious, it maybe a scam to get you work for them while is still under construction, and then close it down and scam you. Whether this is scam I’m not sure, but I’m sure you won’t get 50 bucks for signing up, and the currency is paybox’s, not US Dolars.

    No worries guys, you still can make money on other websites that listed in this site. Just do short tasks, survey and sign up offers, but mostly short tasks considering is not always you get survey and sign up offers. But you can make serious money at tasks if you WORK HARD. Stop chasing easy life, which is what hypnotize you by in the first place. 50 bucks for sign up, Jesus man. Look at their terms and conditions of if you want proof of what I’m saying about the currency thing. Take care guys, just trying to help you guys out.

    kerryn Reply:

    HELLO can i have any website in which i can make money..Actually i’m looking for any online job which will help me make money.Doesn’t matter how much i will gain just want to gain something.I meant serious website and i’m also willing to sell my payBox account…… can contact me at

    signupandmakemoney Reply:

    Of course you can have a profitable website. I always recommend WordPress since it is the best and easiest way to get a website up and running that I know of.

  22. muhammad says:

    how i can take the money

    signupandmakemoney Reply:

    From most of the comments above, I’m sorry to say that you probably won’t get any of the money you made from 🙁

  23. kyle juan says:

    what happend with this site….!!!!!!!!!!!

    ive 1 million Money in here but can’t transfer

  24. It’s a nice site, but no one gives a $50 bonus for signing up. I just don’t understand how to claim my money.

    signupandmakemoney Reply:

    I hear you Anthony, if you look at all the other comments in this thread, it seems that no one else does either.

  25. i have difficulty find and open website

  26. Tatiana says: has become VirtaPay. I logged in with my PayBox usename and password (though it was few months ago). Click on my name to see the site. They offer 100$ signup bonus, 25$ per referral and up to 20$ for participating: buying, selling, rating members’ offers that start from 1 cent only. I have really enjoyed VirtaPay.

    signupandmakemoney Reply:

    Well, I guess that’s pretty sad, I didn’t expect them to be so poorly set up that they would have to change their website name!!

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