Global NPN compensation plan explained

I get a lot of questions from newbies wanting to join Global NPN on how the compensation plan actually works.

A lot of people get confused about the 100% matching bonuses and how the ladder system really works. Thanks to Geoff’s blog, we now have a pretty good insider look at the 4 ways you can profit being a member of Global NPN.

I’m going to quickly go over the basics of the 4 ways you can get paid with Global NPN:

  1. Monthly referral bonuses.
    • Paid 50% on all personal referrals.
    • Paid monthly.
    • Based on your upgrade level – see a Global NPN pay grade chart.
    • Up to $150.00 per referral at the highest level.
  2. 5×5 downline commissions.
    • Earn 50 cents per downline member (including spillover).
    • Paid 5 wide, 5 levels deep.
    • Not based on upgrade level.
  3. 100% matching bonuses.
    • Earn 100% of referrals’ downline commissions (50 cents on each of their referrals).
    • Unlimited depth in the matrix.
    • Not based on upgrade level.
  4. Upgrade bonuses.
    • Get a one time $5.00 bonus per upgrade.
    • Must upgrade from a plus member or higher.
    • Not based on upgrade level.

I hope this better explains the compensation plan for Global NPN, if not, just leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to get all your questions answered.