Text Ad Exchange sign up bonus from Inferno Adz

Inferno Adz membership card.I found yet another text ad exchange that is offering a sign up bonus. There have been so many popping up all over the place. My only hope is that Inferno Adz, like all the others, turns out to be a successful advertising site so there is a win win situation for everyone involved.

Inferno Adz will be giving a $5.00 sign up bonus, 1,000 free credits, and a free pro membership until they reach 1,000 members. Inferno Adz is currently a little under 500 members at the writing of this article.

The way I look at Inferno Adz and other advertising text ad exchanges like it, is to take advantage of the free membership and the free traffic they will provide for you. As far as upgrading or purchasing advertising goes with text ad exchanges, I would definitely stay away from doing so. The only exception to this is if the site is very well established and has a very large membership base with fair advertising prices.

Well, other than the above mentioning, I don’t see anything else too special about joining Inferno Adz. If you refer other free members, you will definitely be rewarded for doing so. I believe you’ll receive 1,000 points towards free advertising for every referral you bring in.

If you like what inferno Adz has to offer as far as free advertising is concerned, then take a look at some more free advertisement sign up bonus sites and let me know what you think of them. The promotion of your websites is always going to be up to you, so the more free traffic sites you can become a member of, the better.

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  1. kimterry says:

    Enjoyed the post.

  2. I tried inferno ads and it appear to be legit.
    I found this site and it lists legit sites as well Paid-Surveys

  3. Inferno Adz is run by a very pro-active and honest Admin, and do offer very effective advertising, I have found them to be very responsive, and would without a doubt say that they are in my top 10 of text ad exchanges that I use often.

  4. Reggie Breck says:

    How you find ideas for articles, I am always lack of new ideas for articles. Some tips would be great

  5. Just write down your ideas when you get them, post them later.

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