Iron Offers affiliate network payment proof

Iron Offers Affiliate Network logo.I wanted to share with you my very first paycheck that I received from the Iron Offers affiliate program just today. If you’re not familiar with Iron Offers, you should be. It’s a 100% free to join affiliate network, but you have to be approved by an affiliate manager before you can begin marketing their advertiser’s promotions.

One of the biggest reasons I like Iron Offers is because they offer a good amount of cost per action ads (CPA). This is when you get paid per lead versus paid per sale. I’ve always found CPA promotions to be very profitable for both the advertiser and the affiliate marketer.

I haven’t been doing a heavy amount of marketing for Iron Offers as you can see in the payment proof below, but Iron Offers has the option to have a very low payout level of only earning $25.00. All I do is put a few of their advertiser’s ads on my website. Nothing more, nothing less.

Finger pointing at a payment proof.

A Check I received from Iron Offers for $25.85.

Another thing I like about Iron Offers, and this will be the last note I’ll end on, is that you can earn a percentage off of referring other free affiliates to Iron Offers. You’ll earn every time they get a lead or make a sale. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the exact amount you can earn off of your referrals. I tried searching for this information and was unable to find it either.

If you know how much you can earn off your sub affiliates, please comment below.

**Disclaimer – Affiliate links are used on this post.

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