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Monster BuxI ran into yet another bux site, Monster Bux is free to join and they offer a $1.00 sign up bonus as well. I don’t know how long the sign up bonus promotion is going to last, so take advantage of it as soon as possible. Just so you know, I’m not a huge fan of bux type websites. Monster Bux is no exception. I would recommend only signing up with Monster Bux if you promise me you WON’T:

  • buy any referrals.
  • put too much time into Monster Bux.
  • upgrade in Monster Bux.
  • don’t buy advertising. (this is only because I haven’t had much success advertising on bux sites)

Why am I asking you not to do these things? It’s simply because I’ve seen a lot of bux sites come and go, what makes me think Monster Bux is going to be any different. Just keep you guard up and you should be fine.

But Greg, if you’re asking me to not put any time or money into Monster Bux, what’s the point of joining? This is a good question. I am only promoting Monster Bux because they are currently offering a free sign up bonus for joining, which I think is cool. Since Monster Bux is free to join and try, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to give it a low maintenance test drive to see if you like the membership.

You can cash out with Monster Bux once you reach $2.00. This is pretty standard with most bux sites. If most clicks actually earn you a hefty 1 cent and you don’t refer anyone, after your $1.00 sign up bonus, you’ll have to click approximately 100 30 second ads before you can cash out. Unfortunately, Monster Bux only pays its members a monstrous 1/4th of cent per click, so 400 clicks will get you to the required minimum cash out level. That sounds like a lot, because it is. This is why it’s good to refer others if you are going to be serious about these kinds of sites.

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    Here is a setup program, how to work best with PTC sites:


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