iDevAffiliate program pays a $25.00 sign up bonus

iDevAffiliate program.The iDevAffiliate program is yet another free to join website that will pay you a sign up bonus just for joining their program. If you’re not familiar with iDevAffiliate, they offer an affiliate marketing software that allows people like you and me to be able to set up our own affiliate program. If you used Joomla to build your website, they have a plugin just for you. Of course, Joomla is free, but a lot of their mods aren’t, this one included, because iDevAffiliate costs $100.00 for the standard version.

I did some research on their actual affiliate program product and wasn’t too impressed. The urls aren’t SEO friendly and the affiliate program itself looks a little bit too dull for my tastes. That’s just me though, you’ll have to take a look at iDevAffiliate yourself to get your own opinion of them.

One thing I noticed about the iDevAffiliate program is that they don’t offer a way to refer other free affiliates so you can earn a percentage of their sales. I could be wrong, but I did take a really long look at my back office and didn’t find anything about it.

I like that the iDevAffiliate program offers a video training library to help affiliate managers train their affiliate to be better Internet marketers. Another good thing about the iDevAffilite program is you only need to earn $25.00 after your $25.00 sign up bonus for minimum withdrawal of only $50.00. This sure beats the normal $100.00 minimum withdrawal rate most affiliate companies follow.

Unfortunately, the iDevAffiliate program only pays its affiliates a measly 15% commission for their efforts. This isn’t so great in my opinion, especially when you see a lot of 40% to 50% commission structures out there.

There you have it, take a look at some more affiliate program sign up bonuses and let me know what you think of them.

**Disclaimer – Affiliate links are used on this post.


  1. Nellis says:

    Sorry for my noobie question. Could you let me know what this blog template is? I really love it. Or is it custom one, maybe? I think it can be a decent solution for PPC as well. I’d like it if you can tell me about this. Thanks.

  2. I got the blog template for free from WordPress, but customized it to fit my overall site better.