The Global NPN 5×5 smart spill matrix explained

Global NPN LogoIf you aren’t a member of Global NPN yet, you’re really missing out on a lot of great marketing tools and a really easy way to make extra money online. I only say this because Global NPN is the best business opportunity I have ever ran into.

Global NPN doesn’t have a traditional forced matrix which can end up disappointing a lot of the members in your downline because they won’t see any spillover until the person in front of them on their level gets filled first. Global NPN uses what they call “smart spill” technology to force the matrix out a lot more evenly.

Check out this video to get a better understanding of what I’m talking about.

Here is what a 5×5 forced matrix looks like once it’s filled:

  • 1st level = 5 people
  • 2nd level = 25 people
  • 3rd level = 125 people
  • 4th level = 625 people
  • 5th level = 3125 people

Add them all up and you got 3,905 people. Now at the lowest level of NPN Pro you’ll earn a 50% commission off of $10.00 which equals $5.00 a month. OK, so $5.00 x 3,905 people = $19,525.00 a month residual income. But you won’t refer all these people on your own with your Global NPN matrix being completely filled because you will get spillover and members below you will get their own sign ups as well. You’ll earn a 50 cent residual off of all their work.

So let’s give you a more realistic outcome by saying you end up referring 500 people and your you get spillover from members above you and the people you referred signed up 1,000 people.  That would be 500 x $5.00 + 50 cents x 1,000 = $3,000.00 a month residual income. Remember, this is at the lowest level, as you move up in Global NPN to Plus and Director, your commissions per sign up increase dramatically as the people you refer go up with you. The highest is the Platinum level where you can literally earn $150.00 per referral that is upgraded with you. Check out the Global NPN ladder earnings chart below.

TheNPNbiz ladder system earnings chart.

I didn’t want to turn this post into a sales post, but I can’t help but let you know that you can get your first 30 days in Global NPN covered with a free trial by signing up through an eCertificate.

With Global NPN you only need to refer 2 people to be in profit. So, not only will I give you a free trial by signing up using the eCertificate link above, but I will also help you get your first two sign ups by adding your Global NPN affiliate link to one of my Global NPN URL Rotators. As you can see, when you click the “Global NPN URL Rotators” link a different URL is displayed each time. These are different members of my current downline in Global NPN. You’ll get 3 URL rotators to help your downlines in any business that you want as well.

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