Proof of payment for Valued Opinions

Take surveys with Valued Opinions and you will get paid for your work.You can be rest assured that if you take surveys with Valued Opinions, it will not be in vain. Today I received my first payment from Valued Opinions. I have been a member of Valued Opinions now for awhile, though I do admit to passing up on a lot of their survey offers due to lack of time.

Though I wish Valued Opinions would’ve just sent me a check in the mail, or better yet a Paypal deposit, instead I received a Visa debit card to use at my disposal. It’s pretty much the same thing as getting a check in the mail because it has the same value. I can essentially use the Visa debit card on whatever I would like to use it on. I’ll probably end up buying a new book with it.

Finger pointing at a payment proof.

Visa debit card I received from Valued Opinions for $20.00.

So be rest assured that if you spend valuable time taking surveys with Valued Opinions that at least you’ll know your efforts won’t be wasted. Aslo note that you have to earn at least $20.00 with Valued Opinions in order to request payment from them.

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  1. John says:

    They are a great online survey website I have cashed out 5 times so far.

  2. any says:

    【Valued Opinions】is a 【S·C·A·M】 !!!

    【Valued Opinions】is a 【J·O·K·E】 Website !!!

    I use a month finish their surveys, collect about $26.5, then I click “redeem” BUT the website automativity log off.

    When I tried to log in, it said my password is wrong, I tried to get my password back: ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓
    【IT SAID】: ” We’re sorry but this email address was not found in our members database !!! “

  3. chause says:

    any your a dumbass it is legit and so far I’ve cash out for 2 $20 amazon gift certificates and 1 $20 visa debit card and recieved both although the visa card I come to find does not work with paypal? can anyone confirm this?

  4. Lost2angels says:

    In Valued Opinions site of India i still did not got my pending voucher it is about to be now 10 months.And they are not responding also to my support mails.

  5. Sunwoman says:

    I have been with them for years and all of a sudden when I try to login it say wrong password. Then when I try to go for a correct password it says email not in database. They owe me about $50.
    I have emailed them several times and they have not even had the decency to reply.

  6. should i try valued opinions?????????

  7. Definitely try it out. Valued Opinions is 100% free to join so you have nothing to lose.

  8. Tawny Baltz says:

    I really liked the info shared in this blog.It makes me more knowledgable towards it.I am waiting for your next post.

  9. Katt says:

    I joined VO back in Nov. ’09 and have already cashed out two $20 visa cars and currently am $3 away from cashing out again. At first the surveys came slow, but when I went back and finished my personal info questions the pace picked up. Another good one to try is I joined at them the same time as VO. About half their surveys are for sweepstakes entries and the other half is for points you trade in for money. They pay with PayPal and I’ve already made one $25.00 cashout and have about $17.00 in my balance.

  10. Katt says:

    Sorry, 2 visa CARDS not cars lol.

  11. Enjoyed the article. Look forward to more.

  12. That’s good information to know about Valued Opinions.

  13. Katt says:

    Just an update, I’ve cashed out again on Valued Opinions for a $20 Visa card. Just to let everyone know, the expiration dates on the cards are only for about 4 months so if your not going to use them right away I would suggest just letting your $ build up. That’s what I decided to do when I noticed the short expiration dates(since I’m trying to save up to have a little extra money for my wedding next year and it doesn’t help much if I have to use the cards now you know?) Anyway since deciding to let the $ build up(a little over a month), I have earned $42.60. Once again, I would definately recommend Valued Opinions!
    BTW, to the people having trouble logging in to their account, I had that problem once myself, but then I read on another survey forum that sometimes after you finish a survey the system takes you to the UK Valued Opinions website (valuedopinions/ or something like that) and if you have an american account it won’t recognize your email and prevent you from logging in. Just clear it out and type in the american site address( and log it from there. Trust me it works! At first I was worried that it was a scam myself till I found this bit of info out. Another thing, you also get 20 points($2) for refering people, so if anybody is interesting in joining email me and let me know so I can get points for you lol! (

  14. Katt says:

    Nevermind about the referal, I just realized it was Opinion Outpost(another great survey site-already earned $56.80 since March 1st) that gives you points for them. But, I can refer you to them and get points so if your interested let me know! Email above.

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  17. Tangkas says:

    This is why I keep going to this place. I can not believe I missed so many posts since the last time!

  18. Glad to see Valued Opinions really does pay their members.

  19. Kudos from one brainiac to another. 🙂

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  21. Garth Moncus says:

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  30. Eric Wygle says:

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  31. Jumpers says:

    I have been on the panel for Valued Opinions but I will stop when I get my next voucher. They are a bit on the cowboy side. They have a dodgy screening process that excludes you from a survey. I don’t have a problem with this itself but I have a problem when they waste 10 minutes of your time, ask you over a dozen questions and then decide to screen you out! It happens all the time. They should decide within the first few questions whether you are a suitable person for them. I am sure they still use the data you give them even after screening you out.

    I don’t have time to waste on these sites.

  32. Rolly says:

    Valued Opinions gets a D- grade in my book.

    Decent survey volume and the assigned $ value is reasonable. BUT, they offer NO cash out option for actual CASH or CHECK or pre-paid card. They recently discontinued the pre-paid Swift Visa program. Now you get to select from 5 lame cashout options, none of which have any CASH VALUE to me since I don’t shop on Amazon, or at Macy’s or at Blockbuster, etc. Very weak. Doing a $2 survey is worth -0- if you can’t get your $2 etc.

    I’d pass on Valued Opinions until they correct this issue.

  33. Rima says:

    The same is with me. They do not send the vouchers at all. I’ve been waiting since some months too. No1 is even bothered to reply to the requests. is scam

  34. Lloyd D'Souza says:

    Same here…800INR worth of vouchers are still pending…But they always respond to me saying there are some courier issues which will be resolved soon..But it is of no use…Valued opinions is definitely a scam!!!Beware!


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