Should you buy traffic from a free traffic Exchange?

To buy or not to buy traffic from a free traffic exchange?We all know that traffic exchanges, no matter how big or small the traffic exchange site may be, do deliver a good source of free quality traffic to your website. In my opinion though, I have had bad experiences buying traffic from traffic exchanges.

To buy or not to buy traffic from a free traffic exchange? My answer to this question would be the latter. Don’t get me wrong. If you have some money to blow and you want to experiment on a traffic exchange to see what kind of results you’ll get, then by all means go right ahead and do so. I’m only noting that in my experience traffic exchanges have been a good source of free traffic to my websites, but when I buy traffic from a traffic exchange, I usually end up disappointed with the end results.

Why? You may be asking, because think about how traffic exchanges are built, you got an individual who is trying to earn credits and doesn’t really care what he or she may see. I admit, I do the same, but you will receive hits to your websites, whether or not the end viewer is actually viewing your website is another question that needs to be answered.

I’ll give you an example, Web Biz Insider, in my opinion is a great free traffic exchange. I get free hits from Web Biz Insider everyday. I made the mistake of upgrading my membership to a pro member for one month with Web Biz Insider thinking I was going to get a lot of great hits to my website. Unfortunately, I ended up getting tons of hits, over 10,000 to be more accurate. The problem was I didn’t see any results. My Google Analytics account showed all these great hits, because I was receiving hits, but the end user wasn’t turning over. I mean I wasn’t getting any conversions.

The problem with Web Biz Insider is that the end user can cheat the traffic exchange system and open up multiple surfing windows at once. This means that technically you are getting hits, whether or not someone is actually viewing your website is yet another question to be asked.

Trust me, I don’t want to make traffic exchanges look like they’re a bad thing to get involved in. The truth is I’ve been receiving a multitude of great free traffic from traffic exchanges for a long time now and will always take advantage of the free traffic they have to offer. Note taken, if you see a free traffic exchange offering some kind of promotion for surfing so many sites in a day, you might want to consider taking advantage of that offer.

For example, Top Tier Traffic offered me 200 free credits today if I surfed 50 sites. It took me less then 10 minutes to surf 50 sites and the traffic bonus was applied to my account immediately. By the way, if you don’t know already, Top Tier Traffic and Web Biz Insider were both made by the same owner. I can’t remember his name though, look it up if this intrigues you.

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  1. kurye says:

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  2. HINAYUPAKS says:

    Sounds Great.. its like Pay Per Click? this blog is very help full 🙂 2 thumbs up

  3. buy traffic says:

    The answer is no.

    Traffic is not something to buy, its something to work hard to generate, organismic. SEO, links, articles, real content – this is the way

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  5. I think buying traffic is OK, it just depends on where you buy it from.


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