Get an affiliate sign up bonus with E Cigarette Direct and save lives

Young women smokes a cigarette and in the smoke appears a deadly skull.The owner of E Cigarette Direct sent me an e-mail the other day recommending that I add their affiliate site to my list of sign up bonus sites. After taking a quick look at what E Cigarette Direct had to offer, I came to the conclusion that they looked like a legit affiliate company.

By signing up as a free affiliate with E Cigarette Direct you’ll receive a €25.00 sign up bonus. This is roughly $40.00 USD, give or take a little. Anyone is welcome to join as an affiliate with E Cigarette Direct because they accept members internationally.

It looks like you only have to earn €25.00 in commissions as an affiliate to be able to receive your first affiliate commission with E Cigarette Direct. You can also refer other free affiliates and earn a 20% commission off of all their sales. According to E Cigarette Direct payments are made once a month for the previous month’s earnings.

About the product, here I am going on and on about the potential money you can make and you don’t even know what E Cigarette Direct’s product is yet.

You can actually feel good about marketing E Cigarette Direct because you’ll know that off of every sale made, you won’t only make money online, you’ll also be helping in saving people’s lives by breaking their smoking habits. The electronic cigarette will help current smokers find another way to smoke without all theE Cigarette Direct is an electronic smoking alternative. harmful toxins of an actual lit cigarette. E Cigarette Direct also has an electronic cigar and pipe to take advantage of as well. I though that was interesting.

All you have to do to make money with E Cigarette Direct is to post a simple html link on your website. Since being an affiliate with E Cigarette Direct is 100% free it really doesn’t matter if you don’t make money right away because you aren’t taking any financial risks on your end, instead you’re just taking up a little bit of real estate on you website or blog.

Take a look at some more recommended affiliate sites that pay sign up bonuses and let me know what you think!

**Disclaimer – Affiliate links are used on this post.


  1. FYI – Note from the owner of E Cigarette Direct:

    Hi Greg

    Thanks for signing up for our affiliate scheme – I see you have referred two affiliates already!

    I was reading your post on the scheme, and I just wanted to make clear that you actually have to earn GBP25 in affiliate commissions before you get paid the sign up bonus. So in effect your first payment would be GBP50. I’m sorry if that wasn’t clear before.


    E Cigarette Direct

  2. I love this Device! An Electronic Cigarette has made me quit smoking traditional cigarettes for good! So I can freely suggest to those who are considering a better & safer alternative, to give an Electronic Cig a try. 🙂

  3. Thanks for the tip. I signed up.

  4. It really looks like this will become a big business on the internet…just think of the repeat customers

  5. Danz says:

    Yes i tried this new electronic cigarette online, which is more user-friendly, that is Electronic Cigarette 123 from Cigarette, and also called this toll free hotline 1604-272-8858, whehw the best electronic cigarette online! Cheers!

  6. Electronic cigarette, or also known as e-cig or an e-cigarette, is the world’s smallest form of a vaporizer. Unlike herbal vaporizers, the electronic cigarette is designed to vaporize glycerin-based liquids such as propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. The electronic cigarette consists of 3 parts; rechargeable battery, atomizer, and a cartridge. When a user inhales on an electronic cigarette, the movement of air is detected by a micro sensor which activates the heating element, also known as the atomizer. The atomizer heats up the cartridge containing liquid, which turns into vapor.

  7. ..,smokers already found a help in e-cigarettes.. I myself can testify…

  8. marlboro says:

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  9. With regards to the use of e-cigarette i think people can still get better result compare to the natural puff….

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  16. Before the urge to smoke strikes (about 60 minutes from the last puff), start doing activities that make smoking physically difficult to perform. Examples include washing the car, weeding the garden, jogging, or taking a long shower. Almost any kind of physical exercise may help. Your smoking behavior may be ingrained and automatic. Anticipate this behavior and stick to your plan to quit.

  17. Electronic cigarette is a useful product helps people avoid the smoking habit.

  18. That’s great! I like it very much!

  19. Thanks for updating us with the nice information.

  20. Brandon says:

    Want to roll a cleaner, cheaper smoke.
    Why not grow your own as well as roll your own?

  21. Hey,
    I’ll bet U don’t have any bad habits, huh? Except for that thing about being a really intolerant human being. My dad died of lung cancer, and your comment irritates the out of me. If they’d had eCigs

  22. ImpactTwo says:

    E-cigs are very common nowadays, It takes away almost half of the harmful chemicals in a conventional cigarette. Quitting smoking is really hard and this would make a good substitute for a cig. I’ve seen lots of e-cigs on the net and I found the Luci E-cig, it looks really cool on black. Has anyone tried this?

  23. e-cig-area says:

    Best off all is that smokers have alternative now.
    Electronic cigarettes are totally cool stuff.

  24. tilakahuja says:

    I don’t smoke and I also am fascinated with the smoke rings that old actors blew in black and white films. So this hub was interesting to read, not that I intend to put it into practice.

  25. healthecigar says:

    No ash .no smell. no second hand smoke .e-cigarette more health .smoke better ,live better !

  26. I dont understand why FDA wants to take something that is helping people improve their health. I think FDA wants to people to go back to go back to smoking. FDA,Please do not do that!

  27. Smokers often create dirty lung area that are at risk of cancers. This regrettably is regarded as the dangerous reaction any kind of smoking efficianado can easily encounter. Therefore, one of the primary health advantages regarding e-cigarettes is that they lessen your likelihood of obtaining these signs and scenarios.


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