Reasons to join a cheap multi-level marketing business opportunity versus an expensive one

Be smart with your money and don't get ripped off!Let’s face it, these days there are all kinds of home based businesses to choose from. It’s almost just too tempting to want to join every business opportunity that you lay your eyes on. I’m only acknowledging this because I’ve been there and done that. I’ve spent well over $15,000.00 (a little bit embarrassed to admit this) on trying different home based businesses out thinking that maybe, just maybe, this will be the special one that makes me rich.

I’ve tried home based businesses that cost over $3,000.00 just to get started with a monthly maintenance fee, to various business opportunities that cost around $30.00 a month to remain active as an affiliate or associate. Do I look back at this with regret? You bet I do, but I’ve now learned to use this as a very valuable lesson. I hope that you can benefit from my past experiences as well so that you don’t make the same mistakes I did.

So, let’s take a look at these multi-level marketing business opportunities, home based businesses, whatever you want to call them. Do the owners of these multi-level businesses deserve to make a profit? You bet they do. Do they deserve to over charge for their products and services basically scamming or ripping off their associates? Of course they don’t! Unfortunately, this is what a lot of them do. Hence the reason why I am writing this article.

You got to be money smart, or just smart with your money! I’m here to tell you, don’t go after home based businesses that charge an arm and a leg to get into. Can you make money with these expensive Companies? Sure you can, but why should you risk your own money to promote a product for another Company? Think about it, if you are over paying money just to get into the business opportunity itself and you aren’t getting any real quality service or product in exchange, then you are essentially only paying to promote that particular Company. Why pay a Company to promote them when there are literally hundreds of free to join affiliate Companies out there that will let you promote there products and services at no cost to you?

If you ask me, these over priced home based business companies should be paying you to promote them, not the other way around. I would even go as far to say that the multi-level marketing Companies that cost only $30.00 a month are still charging too much money on their affiliates. Unless of course, their product or service is really worth around $30.00 a month to you.

So, to give my opinion on why you should go with a cheap or free business opportunity versus a more expensive home based business:

  • You don’t take any risk with a free to join affiliate Company.
  • If you don’t refer anyone and don’t make any money, you can just drop it and move on.
  • You know that you won’t be getting ripped off or scammed.
  • With a cheap business opportunity you’ll refer less people to get into profit.
  • Gives you the ability to try more business opportunities out because they don’t cost you a lot of money.
  • Easier to sign other people up, because it’s either low cost or free to join for others as well.
  • Less money equals less risk.


  1. Good resource to read…

  2. Listen. There is no magic method in making bank online! The only method to seriously reach the type of income that you have been looking for, (excuse my french) is to bust your butt. It gets easier in the end, but you need to work efficiently and most important, get the ball rolling. Mr. Skid Roe

  3. I cant stress how much that I appreciate you typing this, the newbs need to listen up and pay attention!!! I believe that a teacher can be a great asset but nevertheless its you who has to step up to the plate and grab the bat. Mr. Skid Roe

  4. Bret Quijano says:

    I cant stress how much that I appreciate you posting this, the noobies need to listen up and pay attention!!! I believe that a instructor can be a great asset but ultimately its you that has to get up to the plate and grab the bat. Mr. Skid Roe

  5. Great blog,Thanks for posting


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