Get paid to sign up bonus sites that pay using Alertpay

Alertpay - sign up bonus sites that use Alertpay.I was asked by a subscriber of mine if I could list paid to sign up bonus sites that offer an alternate way to pay their members besides Paypal or by check. So I went through all the sign up bonus sites listed at Sign Up and Make Money and found which ones pay their members using Alertpay as a form of payment. This is useful information because not all Countries have ease of access to Paypal.

The sites that pay their members sign up bonuses using Alertpay are listed below:

Survey Sites:

Paid to Click Sites:

“Get Paid To” Sites:

Free Advertising Sites:

Bux Sites:

Total = $94.07

There you have it, all the sites I could find that pay their members using Alertpay. For your information, the sign up bonuses these websites have to offer are not always going to be there. It would be in your best interest to take advantage of the sign up bonuses as soon as you possibly can.

**Disclaimer – Affiliate links are used on this post.


  1. basur says:

    thank you very much. usefull article


  3. Charles says:

    Very Good Article
    Iam a Srilankan wish to have many alertpay money making sites
    To promote in my country srilanka and to the other country people
    Who are broke and flogging for money for a better living ,
    As I need money others too need it ,
    we should spread this notice to many people ,
    Please mail me all the details to collect money through Alertpay
    we dont have the service of Paypal….
    Best regards,

  4. To get paid through alertpay, you just need to set up a free account with them and the sites listed above will pay your commissions to your alertpay email address. Then you just transfer the money to your bank account or spend it online with your alertpay balance. I hope this answers your question.

  5. Burun says:

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  6. marie says:

    This is a great,helpful article .Thank you.

  7. mary says:

    You should add you site to get paid topsites list.

  8. Krish says:

    Very informative. Can any one direct me to Digital Products/Website Scripts Selling Sites which accept Alertpay.


  9. I’m not sure on this one, do a Google search on it.

  10. Arthur says:

    Please sir can you add a little more survey sites that pays through alertpay. I shall be very much grateful for that!

  11. I’ll try my best, let me know if you find any good ones and your affiliate link will be used.

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  13. I think you should take off the list. Its the biggest known scam in the PTC Industry.

  14. Yeah, I know it’s a scam and I make note of that on the main page. I forgot to add this to the list, will do so now.

  15. Gurbir says:

    No way,
    I don’t think that is scam it pays it’s member.unfortunelty it takes some long time but at least it paid.You can say that tendollerclick is a fake is not fake because it has a own forum,contacyt page and proofs of payments.But tendollerclick and many other Ptc sites has not…So plz i requested you to dont Say that is fake. Requested again….

  16. Ok, I went ahead and checked my account. I have over $4,000 pending payment. So I canceled my old payment request and put in a new one. This one is for $999.00. Let’s see if they pay, if they do, trust me, there will be a blog post on it rectifying’s credibility.

    I’ll keep you updated!!!

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  19. montegobei says:

    hi i have registred in bestbux and they told me that i ll be paid by alert pay i have no idea what is this? could you help me to figure out what does it mean and how i ll get a money, i have already 30 $ but they will pay me after 30$, also i am afraid if they wouldnt pay me, in additon my country wasnt on the register countrys list, i am from Georgia Tbilisi, and in the case if they wiil pay me how i ll get pad? please answer me

  20. montegobei says:

    hi i have a question how i ll be paid by alert pay,

  21. will send the money to your account, from there you can transfer the money to your bank account or spend it online.

  22. I would contact Bestbux directly because I am not part of their admin.

  23. Amina says:

    Sir plz add more alertpay using survey sites


  24. Nobert says:

    this 1 pays off when u get $10 & it’s $1 for each referal >>