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I wanted to make sure everyone was aware of my fast sign up bonus page at my sign up bonus website. On the fast sign up bonus page I list about 9 paid to sign up sites where only 3 of them require an investment on your part. Since you’re paid to sign up, it’s like a getting a discount with the Company for signing up that you otherwise would’ve never gotten.

Why take advantage of this? First off, I’ll pay you 5 cents through Paypal (all sign up bonuses are paid through Paypal) to sign up with my mailing list. You can opt out of my mailing list at anytime. Technically, you could sign up on my mailing list today, I would pay you tomorrow, then you could opt out of my list. I hope these wouldn’t be your intentions, but there is no penalty for doing this.

The 3 paid to sign up offers that require an investment on your part are completely worth the investment in my opinion. I would’ve never added them to the fast sign up bonus page if I didn’t think they were worth signing up on. The three sites are Global Domains International, The New Plan Network, and Mammoth List. All require a very low investment to get started and have a great potential to earn a lot of online income.

The reason I chose to payout using Paypal is because they will go as low as one cent for money transfers online. This makes it possible for me to pay people 5 cents for signing up on my offers and me not having to pay any crazy fees. Alertpay was considered in my payout options, but they have a minimum of $1.00 for transfers and charge me a fee.

I highly recommend you check out the fast sign up bonus page. If you like what you see on that page, then you’ll definitely want to take advantage of other recommended sign up bonus sites to help build your income online.